If She Does These 16 Things Without Being Asked, She’s The Kind Of Woman Worth Pursuing

Ieva Urenceva
Ieva Urenceva

1. She tells you she cares about you. She isn’t into playing games.

2. She initiates. She doesn’t make you plan all the dates, initiate all the texts conversations, or make the first move 100% of the time. She’s in this too.

3. She has a life outside of you. She has friends and hobbies and a rich life that you want to be a part of, she hasn’t centered her world around men.

4. She treats you with respect, even when she’s angry. If she cuts you down and then apologizes later, run the other way.

5. She doesn’t treat you like a wallet. She’s has a good job of her own and demonstrates through her actions that she’s interested in you, not what you can do for her.

6. She takes care of herself. She has a job, a place to live that she’s made into a home, and can handle what life throws at her. She isn’t a mess waiting for you to clean her up.

7. She makes you feel respected and supported. She doesn’t belittle you or focus on what she wishes you were like.

8. She participates actively in sex. She doesn’t just lay there and make you do all the work.

9. She listens and empathizes. When you come home at the end of a long day and need to vent, she doesn’t correct, compete with, or minimize what you have to say.

10. She brags about you to her friends and family. She wants the important people in her life to know and love you.

11. She never talks about you to people as if you’re an idiot. For some reason it’s socially acceptable for girls to talk about their men as if they’d never be able to survive on their own. She’d rather talk you up than down.

12. She has healthy friendships with her friends and exes. She isn’t catty towards anyone and genuinely wishes people success and happiness.

13. She trusts you to be a man of your word. She doesn’t nag.

14. She gives you space when you need it. She works to have a healthy relationship with you so it doesn’t make her feel insecure if you want a guy’s night once in awhile.

15. She accepts that sometimes you just want to zone out and watch tv or play video games. She doesn’t think these are lesser or “lazy” hobbies, she understands that everyone needs relaxing activities built into their lives.

16. She makes you laugh. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, instead she makes you feel like you can relax and be yourself. She makes everyday life fun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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