If He Sends Any Of These Texts, He’s Way Too Much Of A Fuckboy To Waste Time On


1. “I don’t believe in labels.” It’s totally fine if he wants to take it slow or even if he’s not interested in only dating one person at the moment. But it’s totally unacceptable if he’s unwilling to communicate this clearly to a woman he’s seeing. It’s not about a label, it’s about having enough respect for someone not to purposely lead them on.

2. “I’ve dated a lot of crazy girls.” Luckily we’ve gotten to the point as a society where we no longer buy this bullshit. There are two people in every relationship and if it goes up in flames one person may be holding a match but the other is probably holding a can of gasoline.

3. “That’s just the way it is.” If he talks about any part of his personality or his life and then throws this phrase in there, run the other way. Not only is he totally set in his ways, but he’s unwilling to be open to change, improvement, other people’s opinions, or even things like scientific explanation. You did not get a smart one.

4. “Boobs?” Sexting can be a healthy part of a normal relationship, but in those cases it goes both ways. If the demand is one-sided (and not even like, dressed up to be an appealing request), it’s totally unacceptable and should be below your standards.

5. “I’m horny.” A good guy won’t make his arousal your responsibility. If he wants to hook up, he’ll try to turn you on too instead of just acting like a baby with an erection.

6. “Can’t we just Netflix and chill?” If he only wants to see you in private, somethings up. Its normal (and fun) to hang out at home, but any normal guy is going to want to go out in public with you as well. This dude is definitely hiding something.

7. “I’m sorry babe.” If he did something wrong and he gives you this half-assed apology over text, it’s a major red flag. It means he doesn’t care enough about you to give you a better one.

8. “There’s more to life than money.” Since I know you aren’t pressuring him about how much money he makes (right?) this is a sign that he’s super defensive about his job and would rather pretend he doesn’t care than be more ambitious. There is more to life than money and a guy that knows that is definitely a good guy, you just have to separate him from the people who don’t say this without really meaning it as a way to never try for a better life.

9. “I just want to have fun.” Every human being on this planet likes to have fun. You’re going to have to be more specific.

10. “Just been busy.” Everyone gets busy, that’s not a problem. But he should be able to give you a heads up, not a vague apology after the fact. He’s covering up why he fell off the face of the earth and came crawling back here, and he’s not doing a good enough job. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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