16 Outwardly Happy Couples Reveal Their Darkest Thoughts About Their Relationship

Jude Law (The Talentd Mr. Ripley)
Jude Law (The Talentd Mr. Ripley)

1. “Our relationship is amazing. However, hypothetically, if I ever wanted to leave it, that would be virtually impossible. The kids and the money staple us together, there’s no way I could get out of this thing; luckily I would never think about leaving.” — Female, 33

2. “My friend gave me his Tinder password. I don’t go on it to cheat. I just go on it to look at what I might be missing.” — Male, 28

3. “Everything about our relationship works, except I repress my true nature. I can’t tell her (yet) that there is no way I can live within the constraints of a traditional relationship for the next 60 years of my life. I would go insane. I need to constantly be meeting new people. I need to travel alone. From time to time, I need to do reckless things that aren’t acceptable in polite society or for traditionally married people. As far as sexuality, I have multiple quasi-dating situations at any give time that edge too close to sexual. She understands some of this on some level, but the truth is I haven’t found courage yet on how communicate that I need to have a much more liberal and autonomous relationship if we are ever going to get married.” — Male, 25

“We both have picture perfect social media feeds and put off positive vibes in-person. Yet, under that veneer is a nasty spoiled child that hasn’t booked acting work at all this year and refuses to get a real job.”

4. “If I left my wife, she would be in a bad place. I honestly don’t know how she would survive. She’s like a child. I think every birthday she gets worse, too.” — Male, 40

5. “When we go out with our friends we’re always so happy and fun to be around. My husband is verbally abusive and drinks too much. He is paranoid about me cheating on him. I’m pregnant. He’s so neurotic he’s going make me get a paternity test. It’s his child. The divorce papers are coming. It’s going be very hard to be a single mother after two years of marriage, and the only reason I can do this is because the support system of my family and friends is so strong. ” — Female, 35

6. “Last night I had a dream that I was hooking up with Jude Law. But stopped myself in my fucking dream because I was like oh wait, I have a boyfriend! So I think about having sex with other guys, it seems particularly great when we have fight, but I’m even faithful in my dreams, so you know.” — Female, 30

7. “I definitely get bored with her, with our house and neighborhood. But so what? Life isn’t all about excitement. We need to be disciplined. We need to work through it to build an amazing life, because that’s what we are doing building a life and that’s hard work. I’m just so glad to have a partner to help me do it.” — Male, 29

8. “We are an all-star work couple and everyone thinks we are so cute. We met at work when we’re both entry-level and now after 3 years together are both at the top of our professions and dating. The thing is we stay together because it’s useful not because we are in love.” — Male, 32

9. “We have so much money that everything about the idea of love or even genuine human connection feels wrong with us. I know that a flock of young women always follow him around. Our friends aren’t really our friends and just want to come along for a free ride. This whatever we want, whenever we want lifestyle makes us into rabid fiends incapable of being compassionate” — Female, 30

10. “You seemed stunned when I said there really isn’t anything wrong with my relationship. I think society is pretty fucked up when you don’t believe me when I say I don’t really think anything nasty about my husband. Maybe what we have is rare but it should just be normal. Once you commit to someone, the more time the passes the better and richer the commitment becomes. Simple as that and if you don’t believe that you shouldn’t be committing to anyone.” — Female, 33

11. “My boyfriend has completely given up in the bedroom and we haven’t even had kids yet. The last time he ate me out was probably a year ago and when we have sex it’s just him getting off. The other aspects of our relationship are thriving but I do wonder how else he is getting off.” — Female, 26

12. “We live the dream with an amazing condo and a vacation home. Three kids that are doing perfectly in school, but my wife does cocaine from to time when we have to do something social, like even visit family. She says she is “too tired” which between work, the kids, and me I understand, but yeah it’s weird but at this point certainly not addict behavior. She should probably just get Adderall or something but ironically its more convenient to just get cocaine illegally than go through all the medical hoops.” — Male, 36

13. “We are polygamous, swingers, and my girlfriend is also bisexual. She encourages me to sleep with beautiful women. Truly she is genuinely excited when it happens. We live together and have been together for eight years. We never talk about the nature of our relationship wither other people, but I guess there is a dark side to it. No one gets the way we live and there are times I’d like to have a traditional girlfriend, just because we can grow very distance from each other sometimes. We always circle back though, it’s not that bad.” — Male, 34

14. “We are both extremely attractive. I’m a model and he’s an actor. We both have picture perfect social media feeds and put off positive vibes when we are out. He’s also just that charming all American boy with blonde hair and a childish smile, which further reinforces some perfect scenario. Yet, under that veneer is a nasty spoiled child that hasn’t booked acting work at all this year and refuses to get a real job. And is a control freak, still I’m in it to win it and want to make the relationship work.” — Female, 23

15. “If I got the chance, I would cheat on my husband with one of my ex-boyfriends and never tell him. That seems like fair game.” — Female, 28

16. “I never know what she is thinking. I don’t understand her thoughts. She can get emotional but I don’t feel any there there. I don’t know how to trust her because I don’t know if there is a real her behind that smile. But we have fun so much fun together, it’s just when I think about it she does feel like a stranger to me. A complete and utter stranger.” — Male, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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