14 Simple Ways Unromantic Men Can Make Their Girlfriends Feel Loved

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1. Show her signs that you will be a good dad. Play with puppies. Smile at kittens. When you’re at a party with kids go the extra mile: play and hide and sneak with the under five demo.

2. Become friends with her parents. Show you care not just about her, but her family. Maybe even authentically learn a lesson or two from her parents.

3. Make her a photo album of your best times together. You kill two birds with one stone with the photo album. You give her a romantic gift and you create a practical relic for yourself, family, friends and maybe even your future offspring.

4. Make her orgasm a lot. If you’re going be a stoic asshole, you better make sure she comes just as much as you do.

5. You might think holidays are crass commercial disasters. But don’t be a killjoy and tell her that endlessly. Say something sweet instead like: “every day with you is a holiday and you will be the best boyfriend you can be every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.”

6. That said, just buy her flowers on Valentine’s Day. It takes about 1 minute to buy them online and you can do it last minute. Just think about like a math equation.

No Flowers + Valentine’s Day = fight

Flowers + Valentine’s Day = no fight

Which choice is more practical in terms of saving time?

7. Respect your own mom. Just being a good, respectful and loving son will render romantic in her eyes. You might be as emotional as a stone, but at least you love your mother so you can’t be that vacant inside.

8. Bring her on adventures. Bring her surfing. Bring her on a hike. Bring her on a spiritual retreat on top of a mountain. Save up money and do a trip to Europe . You don’t have to be romantic to do these things you just have to have a thirst for life and share it with her.

9. Be a man. Fix the sink. Know how to change a tire. Know how to cook a meal. You aren’t Prince Charming, but at least you’re adept.

10. Gently articulate why you think practicality is romantic. She wants to spend 30k on a wedding? Nudge her that with 30k You could put a down payment on the house and that is more important to starting a life together than spending so much money on a superficial party whose primary purpose is to be a gloating currency on Facebook. Understand and be mentally prepared to lose this argument.

11. Remind her constantly the reasons you love her. You can be logical and analytical about it, just compliment her.

12. Support her career. Support her career. And support her career again until she retires. And when she retires support her hobbies with the same fervor.

13. Don’t forget how powerful a simple caress can be. Give her a massage, kiss her in the morning. These touches add up.

14. Being unromantic isn’t an excuse to be a sociopath. Always show her empathy and understanding because while you aren’t lovey dovey you are still — at the end of the day — a compassionate and loving person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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