5 Things Not To Do In Your Relationship If You Want It To Thrive And Last


1. Don’t wait for them to treat you like royalty.

Don’t wait for that to happen just because that’s what the articles are saying, and that’s what the guys out there are supposed to be doing. I mean, of course you should be treated like royalty, but don’t wait for it. Because expecting just that may or may not lead into disappointment. Take a step back, and re-evaluate how you have been treating your partner. It kind of starts within. How are you expecting to be treated like royalty if you treat your partner like a slave? Handle your partner with care and don’t neglect them, what you give is what you get.

2. Never forget about your passions and your dreams just because of your partner.

Never. Please, ladies and gentlemen, never let your dreams and passions die just because your partner doesn’t seem to support what makes or what might make you happy. This is for yourself, for your own good. Don’t let them hinder your growth. Your passions and your dreams have a lot to say about you and the person you want to become, and if they start to find ways for you not to attain what makes you glad you are alive, are you sure they’re the one for you?

3. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

I don’t just mean to try new adventures and escapades, but also, don’t be afraid to try to make a few adjustments. A lot of us ladies haven’t tried to make the first move. I say this with confidence and full recommendation, do it. Trying it might make a huge difference. In case of a fight, try lowering down your pride – low enough to really and fully understand what your partner seems to be saying because you might realize that they also have their fair share of valid reasons.

After all, losing the fight is better than losing your partner under the right circumstances anyway. Don’t just listen to your partner when they are telling you about their good days, their plans and their dreams, listen to them more when they are hurt or frustrated, that’s when you’ll know and understand them the most.

4. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner how you really feel.

Some of us feel too much, and sometimes, other people feel too little. Don’t be afraid to let your partner know that what they’re doing is bothering you. They might have failed to recognize that you are bothered, or offended. If their love for you is true, they wouldn’t take offense and start making adjustments – same goes for you. Don’t be taking any offenses when it’s their turn to tell you how they feel. Listen, absorb, heal, forgive, and compromise.

5. Don’t be afraid that your partner might not be the ‘perfect’ one.

Most of today’s trending articles seem to be saying that your partner should be this, and your partner should be that. That you should look for this in a partner, and that. The thought of that might make a few of us doubt that we are in love with the wrong one, or that we are in a wrong relationship.

I think everyone is capable of change. You can change your game together. If you think you are with the wrong one, then do whatever it takes to make it right. Again, if the love is true, change will come in handy. I believe that when you really love a person, a little change can’t hurt. A little drift in your usual ways might probably do the both of you some good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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