What If You Chose A Relationship That Was Safe?

What If You Chose A Relationship That Was Safe?

What if you chose a relationship that was safe to say anything over who it was with?

So that whenever you needed to communicate what you need or want, and you felt afraid of being rejected or being told it was “too much” you just decided that your human would never think you were too much.

That your human would treat you like royalty–they would listen quietly at the softness of your lips and words that fall like honey because they believe they are accountable for your well being.

That they wish to honor, love and hold your needs and wants highly–not diminish them, reject them or mock them?

What if you decided that any partner who didn’t honor your needs didn’t fit the context of the relationship you are calling in, and just let them go?

What if you choose a relationship that is safe to say anything above anything else–and let the people who can’t vibrate there just fall away without further thought?

What if you weren’t afraid of losing a man by being honest?

What if you choose a relationship where it was safe to say anything, over any one singular man? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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