Those Who Mind Don't Matter

Those Who Mind Don’t Matter

“Those that matter, don’t mind. And those who mind, don’t matter.” – someone wise (Dr. Seuss)

The more and more I share slabs of my heart for a living, the more and more I learn this lesson deep in my bones.

Someone will always be upset—even if I say it “right.”

“Right” is a trick, there is no “right.”

Not only will strangers mind, but friends will mind, family will mind, people you do business with will mind, your husband will mind—people will always mind.

Half this world isn’t honest because they are so concerned what that honesty will do to the people around them, so we live drinking watered down horse shit when our truth hums quietly and impatiently in our throats bones.

Unconditional love understands that having different opinions and beliefs doesn’t warrant judgement or being ostracized. Those who judge you or cut you out of their life when you are honest about your truths aren’t meant to be carried into a context where you breathe your hearts flesh and blood.

People who are around when you’re not being your honest self are in a different vibration.

When you start being you, and being honest and living in a different context of yourself, anything that isn’t that new vibration will fall away.

And it’s going to feel terrible, and hard—even if they aren’t meant to come with you.

But let them go because the people you call in now are going to rock your world.

We can never lose someone by being our true self.


We can only lose people who were around when we weren’t being our true self, and this isn’t a loss at all.

It’s a transition—like buying a new pillow and throwing our your one you’ve had for 10 years with yellow stains on it.

Hasta luego and fly on—it tastes better on the honest side, I promise.

None of my core family or friends have ever stopped loving me, even if I write loud things that are not always what they believe in—-your core will stick around too. Love sustains love, always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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