The Next One

Ali Kaukas

the next one will be a straight injection of love into my spirit
the next one will not need to be taught how to love a woman
he will come baring a unconditional love that is as deep as the mastery I am at loving myself
he will be a masterpiece greater than Gustav Klimts gold could dream
he will walk with the freedom that I taste
talk with eyes that are in a love story with this entire world
bare a heart that is wide open
that has been broken and closed and then been brave enough to slide open
he will have the ocean and sunshine sparkling in his eyes
and the joy that escapes them will sparkle stardust onto the inches of this earth that so deeply crave magic
his hands will not need to be told to find my back
for he will be a greater lover than I
touch will be his language
and words will be his hands
he will work his way into my life with a serendipity that is never serendipity
for coincidence is just intention taking place
he will swallow me whole with arms that were born to love another with his whole soul
the next one will be a lover of love
a lover of a security that creates freedom
he will take my hand and dance across countries
and then also stop and rest when we need to
he will thirst for this life with a passion as big as mine
we will stay up late and wake up early sitting across from one another spitting our dreams into the sky and the stars over cold coffee cups
we will make magic effortlessly together
I am ready to be adored and adorned
loved so deeply and wisely that I could not have possibly dreamed it
and I know the key is to love myself deeper
to revisit the knowledge that I have
and live it with the wisdom that I am
and I know that I choose the ones that are sometimes unavailable because I may not be fully ready for a love that is willing
but tonight I am willing
tonight I am calling in a love that is loving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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