17 People Reveal The Weird Things They Do Only When They’re Alone With Their S.O.


Admit it: these are the real reasons you love being in a relationship…

1.  “I squeeze the blackheads on his nose. It’s disgusting, I know, but I’m obsessed with picking things and he lets me do it.” – Aubrey, 22

2.My boyfriend and I spit water at each other when we shower together. It’s like a game to see if you can fill your mouth with water without the other person noticing. It’s pretty weird, but it always makes us laugh.” – Jackie, 27

3. “We touch our nasions (the little area right between your eyes before your nose starts) together. You really have to angle your heads the right way and push your faces together to get them to touch. My long-term boyfriend did it one day after deciding it was the one part of our faces that hadn’t touched yet, and it just became a weird ritual.” – Annemarie, 29

4. “My boyfriend pretends like he’s using an imaginary fork and knife and takes slices out of my butt.” – Claire, 23

5. “Sometimes when we’re lying on the couch watching TV my boyfriend will pick the dead skin off of my feet.” – Anna, 21

6. “This is kind of mean, but my wife and I always play this game where we determine ‘who wins’ in our friends relationships. Like, which of them is pulling out of their league? Who got the better end of the deal? Horrible, I know.” – Glenn, 36

7. “I like to smell my boyfriend’s head. It’s weirdly calming.” – Mandy, 30

8. “We draw on each others backs with our fingers and play a guessing game.” – Erin, 28

9. “My boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious to suck on the inner crease of my elbow, like the soft part. It’s so weird.” – Stella, 23

10. “Every time we see each other after a long day of work we sometimes pretend we haven’t seen each other in forever and have some huge running hug even if we just saw each other an hour ago.”- Aaliyah, 25

11. “When me and my boyfriend are having a fight we decided to start playing hotline bling and just start dancing.” – Bailey, 27

12. “We have a pact that if we somehow meet and start flirting with the celebrity we find the sexiest we are allowed to sleep with them. And we don’t even have to tell each other it happened.” – Ethan, 30

13. “We have a signal that we give each other for when we want to leave a party. We lightly tug on our left earlobe.” – Maria, 24

14. “I pluck his random shoulder pubes.” – Willow, 22

15. “We crack each other’s knuckles constantly.” – Stuart, 20

16. “My boyfriend reminds me to take my birth control cause we live in a gendered society where I have to be the one to take birth control when I’m the most forgetful person ever.” – Miranda, 23

17. “Me and my girlfriend pretend to be an old couple and call each other ‘Bertha’ and ‘Harold’ and read and drink tea in bed.” – Gabe, 21 Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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