This Is The Color You Need To Surround Yourself With, According To Your Birthday


Astrology gives us helpful insights into our character, behavior and personality but what about the feelings associated with the bright blue sky, the searing red-orange of an ember, the calm of a lavender plant? Color— scientifically defined as the visible spectrum of wavelengths of light that we are able to perceive—is also defined by its ability to make us feel, create and recognize ourselves and others. Renowned astrologer Michele Bernhardt unlocks the potential of the color made personal in her book, “Colorstrology,” which combines astrology, numerology and color theory to create a color profile for everyone based on their birth month.

Here’s what color you should search for the next time you’re in Urban Outfitters, based on your birthday.

JANUARY: Caramel

Those born in this month are typically logical and practical. Brown, like the color of the earth, signifies that January babies have their feet securely on the ground. Surrounding ourselves with Caramel encourages us to stay persistent.

FEBRUARY: Sheer lilac

February cuties are open and calm. They are the person you seek a hug from on an off day. Surrounding ourselves with lilac promotes spirituality and wellness.

MARCH: Fair Aqua

People born in March are dreamers; subtle and intuitive. By surrounding ourselves with aqua we can break down the boundaries of appearance and help us tap into our psyches.

APRIL: Cayenne

Just like the spicy color, April babies are fiery, strong, and passionate. They are brave and have heart and are quick to take action. Surrounding ourselves with cayenne can energize us and give us courage for a new beginning.

MAY: Shamrock

May babes (me!) are explorers. They are always on the move, seeking adventure with passion but find stability at home. Surrounding ourselves with Shamrock is particularly useful when embarking on new endeavors.

JUNE: Aspen Gold

June Lovelies are rays of sunshine. They’re the coffee to your early morning.They are intelligent and energize those around them. Surrounding ourselves with gold lifts our spirits immensely.

JULY: Coral Blush

Those born in July are nurturing and caring. Like Coral Blush, they are gentle and calming. Surrounding ourselves with Coral Blush can be particularly useful in times of change or new developments.

AUGUST: Sun Orange

A nod at the end of summer, those born in August reflect the color sun orange. Late summer peaches are regal. They emanate power and brightness. Surrounding ourselves in orange brings wealth and happiness.


Those born in September are artistic and appreciate the beauty in the world (of course this is the birth month of Queen Bey herself). They are spectacular and wise. Wearing, meditating or surrounding ourselves with Baja Blue promotes appreciation and tranquility.

OCTOBER: Cerulean

Beauties born in October are balanced. Like September people, they appreciate beauty and seek serenity. Surrounding ourselves with Cerulean can help us keep balanced.

NOVEMBER: Claret Red

November stunners are perceptive and intense. They see through facades and thus love deeply and live with strength. Surrounding ourselves or wearing Claret Red inspires us to be ambitious and to persevere.

DECEMBER: Pagoda Blue

December cuties have vision and are open to exploring new ventures. Surrounding ourselves with Pagoda Blue allows us to be more tolerant and open to others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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