Maggie Wheeler as Janice | 'Friends'

8 Female TV Characters Who Need Their Own Spinoff Series

You sit down on the couch to see what’s new on Netflix. As you’re scrolling, you notice reboot after reboot. From Fuller House to That 90s Show, it seems like everyone is jumping on the nostalgia wagon. But all of these reboots are missing something—they introduce new characters and bring the past to the present, but they rarely flesh out our favorite female characters.

From more recent ensemble shows to older series created when the industry was even more male-dominated, there are so many female characters who need more screen time. What are their lives like outside of the confines of the show? We’ve already loved them and now we’re just craving more of them.

Moira Rose from ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Yes, Schitt’s Creek is a recent series, and sure, the writers do their due diligence, developing their female characters beyond their archetypes. But who doesn’t want more Moira? We’re thinking—the story of a young Moira, rising up in the acting industry before she meets Johnny Rose. Keep the writers, and honestly, keep Catherine O’Hara! Because Moira is nothing without Catherine. We definitely need some flashback storytelling action in this spinoff.

Moira Rose
Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose | ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Where did Moira get her penchant for wigs? And why does she say “baby” with a transatlantic-meets-Australian accent? Moira’s talent throughout the series knows no bounds, and she’s unafraid to take risks (such as starring in The Crows Have Eyes III). So what makes her so unabashedly herself?

Daphne Moon from ‘Frasier’

We didn’t even know Frasier was getting a reboot when we thought Daphne Moon deserved her own series. Tragically, however, the housekeeper-turned-friend-turned-sister-in-law won’t be in the reboot (maybe she’ll appear for a cameo.) But Daphne’s eccentric past as a tween actress in Manchester, England pre-move to Seattle is perfect spinoff fodder. Just imagine—Derry Girls in Manchester with the somewhat psychic Daphne Moon going through puberty. Honestly, England is sitting on gold right now! Take note, BBC!

Janice from ‘Friends’

In recent years, Janice has grown in the cultural space as a feminist icon. She put Chandler in his place time and time again, and when he broke up with her, she moved on and started her own family. But her laugh, which was at one point annoying, has grown infectious and lovable. We’d love to see Janice’s life from her perspective — outside of the six friends. From her relationship with her nearly-deaf husband to how she fits in with the other moms, Janice is ripe for a relatable, laugh-out-loud series. 

Janice Friends
Maggie Wheeler as Janice | ‘Friends’

Shauna Malwae-Tweep from ‘Parks and Rec’

There are many lovable female characters in Parks and Rec, but Shauna Malwae-Tweep doesn’t get nearly enough screen time. The lovestruck journalist always ends up in tragic romantic situations (and we are ready for her rom-com Peacock series). In Parks and Rec, we often root against her, such as when she dates Chris. But from her perspective, she’s always getting into fruitless situations yet somehow manages to maintain a positive attitude. Can Shauna finally find love in Pawnee, Indiana? 

London Tipton from ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’

Behind London’s fashion-forward outfits and seemingly “stupid” quips, she could follow the same trajectory as her real-life inspiration, Paris Hilton. Both were lauded as dumb and rich when they were young, but now we know that Paris is so much more. Can Brenda Song please come back and redeem London in a spinoff-meets-reboot? And here’s our working title: The C-Suite Life of London Tipton.

A ‘Hannah Montana’ Reboot

This idea is more so a reboot/sequel than anything else, but why is this the one show that still hasn’t been rebooted? Miley is openly grateful for her time on the show, and it seems like there was never any drama between her and Emily Osment. Both of them are still acting and in the public eye, and we bet Dolly Parton would even be down to reprise her role. Give us a Dolly-meets-Hannah Montana Christmas special, or even a show in which Miley takes on a Dolly-like role to Lily and Oliver’s kids. Whatever it is, we’ll take it, because we can never get enough of those three women.

Annie Edison from ‘Community’

Imagine this … Community: The High School Years. Dan Harmon has had his brushes with negative publicity, so a reboot from Annie’s perspective might be his best chance at redemption. Alison Brie and Donald Glover could reprise their Community characters, Annie and Troy, during their high school era, which we’ve only heard stories about. But it has to be done Wet Hot American Summer-style, with adults in their 30s and 40s playing their teenage selves. This way, we can hold onto Alison and Donald’s chemistry and the kooky humor inherent to Community—a show about differently-aged adults in college—but in a period piece that takes place during their most awkward years.

Annie in Community
Alison Brie as Annie | ‘Community’

Ebba from ‘Succession’

Succession may have just ended in 2023, but that means Jesse Armstrong could be in the market for a reboot. Portrayed by Norwegian actor Elie Harbo, Ebba quickly made waves as Lukas Matsson’s Head of Communications. But that’s because he just happened to send bags of his blood to her. With the same mix of darkness and humor, this spinoff gives us another chance to see more of Alexander Skarsgård’s hilariously terrifying portrayal of Lukas, but from Ebba’s perspective instead of the Roy children’s. Plus, we would love to see bits and pieces of Tom’s trajectory as CEO … perhaps Ebba really wins it all in the end.

Jamie Lerner is a writer, comedian, and musician who’s been writing about television and movies since she reviewed Mean Girls for her fifth-grade school newspaper.