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Why American Christians Need To Stop Hating Muslims

If you are a Christian, imagine this: you tell someone you are a Christian and go on to discover later that that person lost respect for you because of your religious beliefs and thinks you’re crazy, evil, and might be better off dead.

What Five Years Of Marriage Have Taught Me About Love

I feel lucky to have married a man who is and has been willing to do this work with me — a man who has chosen to stay when there have been times he could have left, and who has seen me through my absolute worst and never once wavered in his devotion.

No, A Mental Illness Is Not “All In Your Head”

Because for a person who has ventured through the dark, deep valleys of the psychological prison of illness, it becomes a whole lot more than just feelings and sadness and “stuff in your head.” It becomes a part of you — or at least, a part of how we identify ourselves.