Top Instagram Accounts

Top Instagram Accounts: The Must-Follow Brands In Every Category

The following brands take Instagram to the next level. Whether they’re dedicated to food, fashion, health, or fitness, they just get it. These top Instagram accounts embody a special something that’s hard to articulate. Once you view their feeds, however, you completely understand what makes them stand out.

Best Food Brands On Instagram

Whether you’re a foodie or a regular human who just eats three meals a day, these are the must-follow food brands of Instagram. 


The Postmates Instagram feed is peppered with color pops that will put you in a good mood, and maybe make you want to order food. Follow them for their aesthetically pleasing grid, and engage with them for the chance to win discounts on delivery. Postmates excels at connecting with their audience.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Despite featuring a single product, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Instagram account has amassed a cult following. By merging product placement and art (namely graphic art and street art), the Pabst account appeals to a vast audience of laidback beer drinkers.


Chipotle does memes right by leaning on content created by fans as well as their most popular menu items. Their witty feed reflects a deep understanding of their demographic.

Best Fashion Brands On Instagram 

You don’t have to be a particularly stylish person to appreciate the hard work that goes into curating these top fashion Instagram accounts.

Réalisation Par

The stylish women featured on this account all have one thing in common: their Réalisation Par dresses. This brand is the Glossier of fashion. Their Instagram somehow pulls you in and makes you feel as if you’re getting an inside look at an exclusive club. 

With Jéan

Like Réalisation Par, With Jean seems to understand they type of woman they’re marketing their clothing to, and they’ve created an Instagram that reflects that vision. From golden hour lighting to soft neutral tones, With Jean manages to encapsulate “French girl” style by making you feel as if you’re on a European vacation.

The Vintage Twin

With their unique, personalized denim recommendation service, Jeanius Bar, the Vintage Twin has made their mark on the clothing scene. The Vintage Twin’s “jeaniuses” will talk you through the process of selecting a pair of jeans that’s exactly right for you. Their feed features many of their satisfied customers interspersed with some eye-catching vintage denim looks, making this clothing brand an interesting account to follow.


Over the years, countless Instagram influencers have been invited on “Revolve Around The World” trips, which speaks to the brand’s social media savvy. Revolve’s feed, which is riddled with beautiful women wearing well-made clothing in enviable settings, is fun to follow primarily for its escapist vibe. 

Best Publishers On Instagram

The best publishers on Instagram know their audiences intimately. Follow these top publishing brands for a glimpse at how deep knowledge of your demographic can help you create a meaningful feed.


Girlboss is more than a publication. It’s a platform designed to empower women through funny, relatable content. Their feed is about elevating women and providing them with the tools to excel, making it a valuable account to follow.

The Cut

The Cut is simultaneously informative and hilarious. Whether they’re covering celebrity gossip, skincare crazes, or serious women’s issues, their feed is the Instagram equivalent of the smart kid in school who is somehow also insanely popular.

H Collective

As the founder of H Collective, I can speak to our core mission: To empower creators. We connect brands and agencies to our most talented creators on our platform, The Hub. But we’re equally committed to connecting creators to each other. Our Instagram account mirrors our dedication to creativity as a means of expression and the root of human connection.

Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog’s feed is comprised of striking photographs accompanied by lengthy, emotive captions. Their intent is to catch your eye with their images and to move you with their words and they succeed at that. Their account is also refreshingly uplifting.

Best Travel Brands On Instagram

These top travel brands on Instagram will definitely give you wanderlust. If you want to be transported from your desk to a faraway place in seconds, scroll through the best of Instagram’s travel accounts. 


This account exploded on Instagram thanks to their extraordinary aesthetic. Away’s luggage isn’t the most innovative, but it’s sleek, functional, and influencer-approved. So is their Instagram feed.


Airbnb’s Instagram is a solid mix of travel porn and house porn. Scrolling through their feed is the next best thing to hopping on a plane for the getaway of your daydreams. If you’re seeking travel inspo for your next big trip, this account is a great place to visit for destination ideas.

Best Swimwear Brands On Instagram

The best swimwear brands on Instagram feature more than just swimsuits, beaches, and pools. They promote a lifestyle. These are the top swimwear Instagram accounts you should follow if you want a taste of that aspirational summertime lifestyle year round.  

Bamba Swim

Bamba Swim’s Instagram (like their bathing suit line) is an ode to the 1980s. By today’s standards, both their swimsuits and their social media aesthetic are distinctive, and they’ve amassed a serious following of adoring fans as a result. Bamba Swim has emerged as a serious trendsetter within a very crowded marketplace.

Fella Swim

Fella Swim’s Instagram account is dedicated to featuring their swimsuits in exotic locations and the overall effect is transportive. Their swoon-worthy photos will make you want to take a vacation and buy a new swimsuit take with you. It’s as if they’re selling the endless-summer lifestyle rather than just swimwear.


Aerie is a testament to inclusivity, which cannot be said of many swimwear brands. Their account is body positive through and through, promoting women of all sizes and backgrounds.

Best Weed Brands On Instagram

Legal marijuana is more socially acceptable than ever, and more and more weed brands are popping up as a result. These are the best weed brands on Instagram.


This feed is clean, with inspiring product shots and scenic filler photos that will make you feel calm and relaxed. It’s the perfect account to follow if you don’t want weed memes and photos of Snoop Dog in your feed. Think of it as the Don Draper of weedstagrams.


MedMen is committed to making marijuana mainstream—classy, even. The company treats cannabis as a consumer product, and their feed is a reflection of their commitment to quality.

Best Health Brands On Instagram

Instagram is an ideal channel for celebrating healthy living. Follow the best health brands on Instagram for the inspiration you need to establish—and, more importantly, sustain—a healthy life, marked by diet, exercise, and gym selfies.

Kayla Itsines

If you’re into before-and-after fitness photos, consider Kayla Itsines‘ Instagram your catnip. The Australian based personal trainer developed her now famous BBG program because she wanted to help people across the world reach their fitness goals. Since launching her business, she’s quickly become both a social media star and a well regarded fitness guru.


If you’re in NYC and you like working out, you’ve probably gotten sweaty at the Dogpound (or at least thought about it). This gym grew popular thanks in part to its Instagram account, where it showcases clients like Victoria Secret models and bloggers with enviable bodies (think: Alexis Ren). By creating hype around the people who go there, Dogpound manages to run an extremely successful gym, and motivate the hell out of its Insta followers whenever they post.

Best Beauty Brands On Instagram

The best beauty brands on Instagram go beyond product shots of cosmetics and makeup tutorials. These top beauty Instagram accounts embody something special that transcends the typical approach to beauty. 


Glossier popularized being a minimalist in the makeup department: “Skin first. Makeup second” reads their Instagram bio. Hints of that sensibility are evident throughout their trendy, eye-catching feed.


Supergoop makes skincare seem essential, but not burdensome. They’re clever with their hashtags and their marketing overall, making the idea of SPF seem necessary rather than a secondary element of your beauty routine.

Herbivore Botanicals

The Herbivore Botanicals brand is all about natural beauty and that commitment to authenticity resounds throughout their Instagram. The Seattle based company makes cruelty free, vegan products you can feel good about using.

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