Sugar Kills, 6 “Healthy” Foods With More Sugar Than a Krispy Kreme Donut

Well this is a surprise…especially since I don’t eat any of these things at all but I do eat donuts. Turns out that I’m eating better than many who are trying to be health conscious. Now, if I can just quit smoking I’ll outlive all of you, donut in hand. Some basics, one Krispy Kreme donut has 10 grams of sugar.

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1. Yoplait Original Yogurt (27g) = 2.7 donuts

I actually sort of knew this one because I’ve eaten Yoplait in the past and it’s all super sweet. Something about it set of alarm bells in my head that there was a lot of sugar packed into the stuff. Now, what was it? Oh, right, it’s beause it was so sweet and sweet things contain sugar.


2. Luna bar (11g) = 1.1 donuts

So my understanding is that Luna bars are sort of marketed to women which makes sense because men prefer their sugar supplements in the form of things named Muscle Milk, etc (which also have been found to contain trace amounts of lead). Well, guess what, every time you eat a Luna bar you’re basically eating a donut’s worth of sugar. You’ve come a long way baby, indeed. I know, wrong ad.


3. 20 oz VitaminWater (33g) = 3.3 donuts

I remember when these things came out when I was in college and everyone was pouring them down their throats like they cured cancer. Echinacea ain’t a vitamin, people! Regardless, it’s sugar and synthetic vitamins suspended in tap water with food coloring. It’s garbage, quit drinking it and take a multivitamin made from food which is also the cheaper option.


4. California Pizza Kitchen Thai Chicken Salad (45g) = 4.5 donuts

Ah, luscious salad, surely you won’t betray me? What’s that? You’re full of sugar poisons and you’re like eating nearly a half box of donuts? Betrayal complete with iceberg lettuce, the most deceptive of all lettuces.


5. Subway 6″ Sweet Onion Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich (17g) = 1.7 donuts

Eat fresh…sugar. I can only assume that Jared did not include these in his “lose 10,000 pounds” diet years ago. Here’s what you should assume in general whenever you eat out, if it has a sauce in it then it’s full of both sugar and salt. Why? Because they want their sauces to “pop” at the cheapest possible price. It doesn’t get much cheaper than sugar and salt.

But here’s the BIG winner


6. 12 oz Odwalla Superfood (50g) = 5 donuts

That’s right, I said five. Drinking 12 oz of Odwalla Superfood is like eating five Krispy Creme donuts and it costs MORE than those five donuts. If you want to get your greens then you’re unbelievably better off simply eating them or, if you don’t have time, drink a low Sodium V8 which has 8 grams of sugar…less than one Krispy Kreme donut.

o, there’s your health news for today. Try not to turn it into an excuse to just eat a bunch of donuts because, trust me, you’ll just end up eating donuts and everything else you usually eat. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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