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How to Get a Billion Dollar Idea

I wrote this article exactly 1 year ago. And sometimes I re-read it… to remind myself of everything Sara Blakely taught me. [Listen to the FULL INTERVIEW with Sara Blakely] She’s a self-made billionaire.

How I Overcame My Fear Of Flying And Changed My Life In Every Way


I didn’t fly for about four years after I saw the crash but I was surprised at how scared I was when I eventually got on a plane again. The slightest air bump and I would be convinced we were crashing. I’d say to myself, “never again never again never again” and I would think to myself, “I’m never going to see my kids again”.

Only The Good Players Get Lucky

mountain man

I want there to be that moment, “and then everything in my life changed”. It always seems there’s no “right place” and “right time”. The right place is always far away. The right time was always a long time ago. I missed it. I missed her. I miss you.