7 Creepy-Ass Urban Legends About ‘Disney World’ That Prove It’s The Most Terrifying Place On Earth

There are a lot of spooky legends surrounding Disney World. Former employees seem to constantly leave the place with messed up stories of mystery and evil. Here are seven workers and patrons who claim to have experienced something terrifying while at the most “magical place on earth.”

Are these stories glimpses into the horror of Disney World? Or are they just bullshit? That’s on you to decide.

1. What actually happens after Disney World closes

Have you ever thought about all the people who make Disney World tick after the park is finally devoid of guests? Have you ever thought of all the disturbing things that could happen in a gigantic, emptied amusement park. Well, you should.

When we got to the break room, I realized I had left my bag where we were working. Dammit! There was no way I was spending $8.00 on a coke and stupid bear claw from one of Disney’s rip off vending machines. I told the guys I was going to run back and get my bag.

So, off I went. I was hurrying along because we only get a half hour for lunch and if we take even a minute longer to get back to our work location, there is hell to pay. And you all know how fast a half hour flies by unless you’re working. Trying to make good time, I must have made a wrong turn in all that blackness. My stupid flashlight was in my tool bag…of course. I was attempting to feel my way around the track when I saw some light coming up ahead of me.

They looked like they could be a set of emergency lights but they were quite dim and flickering. Who cares? Any port in a storm, right? I slowly made my way towards them and began to hear voices but I couldn’t make out any words. There was no one in the attraction other than us…or so we were told. Oh my God! After all the stories I was told…was I finally going to have one of my own? (Read Full Story)

2. Someone found an abandoned Disney Park and you don’t want to know what they found

There have been a lot of rumors about Disney’s abandoned “River Country” amusement park, and literally none of them are good. This story is no exception.

Disney’s river country, an older Disney water park, has been abandoned since 2001. I’ve seen SO many stories about the park, but none of them has done the mystery of it justice. Back in the early 80’s, the brain eating amoeba killed an 11 year old boy, but as many know, that had nothing to do with its closing. The park conflicted with new laws that had been passed. But River Country was much different than the other parks.

When you go into the main WDW parks, you get this Disney “feeling”. You truly feel like you’re in a magical place. But with River Country, you get a different feeling, an odd feeling, like you’re an outsider. I remember standing in front of the dilapidated lake in the middle of the park, and I just felt like something wanted me to get out. I really wish I would have. (Read Full Story)

3. Disney employee: Don’t go to the haunted mansion. Ever.

Getting college credit to work at Disney World — seems like a dream come true, right?? Maybe not, if Joey’s story is actually true.

I was getting pretty close with some of my co-workers. Eli, Mika, and Emily especially. We hung out almost everyday before and after work. And if we were lucky enough to have the same days off we would spend them together.

Eli and Mika shortly after started dating leaving Emily and I alone together a lot. Once two people become official it tends to pry them away from friends.

One night the four of us had work together, Em and I finally got them to hang out with us after our shifts. We were going to play some cards and have a few drinks. The shift went by with little to no trouble. A few guest complaining some of the ghosts at the last dinner party scene were too scary for the kids.

We politely had to apologize, you find yourself saying sorry a lot in this job. They all kept complaining about the lady crying in the bloody dress by the fireplace. That stuck me as odd, I have been on the ride and walked though the ride countless times. Never did I see said women. I brushed it off. (Read Full Story)

4. He did high-level security for Disney, but then he discovered the one secret he couldn’t cover up

There is allegedly an elite security corp at Disney World who work to cover-up any “incidents” at the park. Can’t have bad press, right? But this security agent discovered something that he couldn’t go along with.

I got to the ride and got to the house and back in the front door to the Masonic Room, and locked the front door as I entered. I inserted the Core Key into the lock on the wooden door, removed the core, and inserted the Zone 1 core into the lock. Now my Master Key will open the door, and boy did it. The door glided open, it was heavy and steel on the other side of the wood face. There was a velvet red carpeted staircase leading down to some kind of utilidor, but we are in EPCOT, what the hell. There is one small utilidor in EPCOT, but it doesn’t go this deep. I descended the stairs and walked down the red-carpeted hallway to these two double doors. Behind these doors was my answer and the truth as to what happened to these kids. Through these doors was the darkest side of Disney, a side of Disney that even I couldn’t believe. Would Walt be in favor of this? Or is this one of Eisner’s little idea of making more money off his guests.

Behind these doors was an empty dimly lit room with a small circular platform in the center. The carpet was the same lush red velvet carpet from the hallway. There were 6 leather armchairs around the circular platform, all with telephones and card readers on the table next to the chair. Inside I knew what was going on, I knew what was happening here. This is one thing I will not cover up for the Disney Corp. (Read Full Story)

5. Don’t look too closely at the “fake” animatronics

It’s amazing how great of a job Disney can do at making their animatronic figures look real. But wait, what if some of them are real?

Before I tell you my story, I have to tell you that I haven’t worked at Disney for 6 months. I got the gig through their college program. Getting paid to work at the happiest place on earth? Great right?? NOPE! I could write Nosleep stories just about my day to day work there, but it wasn’t all bad, the novelty of working there surprisingly never wore off. In mid August I was starting to legitimately enjoy it! That was until I got the complaint.

“Yeah what is up with the additions? It scared the shit out of my kids.”

I sort of looked at this woman with a “what the hell are you talking about?” face.

“We haven’t done any additions to the Pirates of the Carribean in a while. When was the last time you came here?”

“We were just here in December. I’m just saying that the fish robot got way too close to the boat.”

Holy shit, for anybody who has been to Disney world should know that there is NO fish animatronic on the Pirates of the carribean ride. I cashed the woman out (I was working at the shop outside the ride), called my supervisor over the walkie talkie, and told her what she told me. (Read Full Story)

6. Discovering Disney’s lost “Discovery Island” amusement park

Here’s another person’s story of finding Disney’s old “River Country” Park, and it is just as eerie.

After our first and admittedly quick visit to River Country one day before going drinking in Downtown Disney, we decided that we wanted to swim the short distance between the park and Discovery Island. For those of you who don’t know, Discovery Island was essentially a precursor to Animal Kingdom, functioning as a small zoo with a various assortment of animals. When River Country shut down and Animal Kingdom opened at around the same time, the animals from Discovery Island were moved to the theme park. A section of Animal Kingdom is still called Discovery Island to pay homage to the now-abandoned island. Anyway, Joe and I started planning that day as to how to get over to the island.

As I’m sure you’ve also heard, Disney has eyes EVERYWHERE. There are cameras and security guards everywhere you look and thankfully, you can learn to spot them and their hiding places. Joe and I hunched over our liquor in the most crowded parts of the bars of Pleasure Island as we talked in hushed voices about how and what we were going to do to get over to Discovery Island. Looking back, I’m thankful we weren’t caught and banned for life based on the conversation we had that night.

The two of us would set out shortly after dusk. (Read Full Story)

7. He went to Disney World. But no way would he EVER go back. Here’s why:

Who are the people inside the adorable character costumes? Who really is Mickey, Minnie, and…Donald Duck? It’s a question this father is pondering very deeply after a Donald Duck character followed his son into the bathroom on their Disney vacation.

Its about 9 PM as I type this in the hotel. My wife is sitting on the bed with our little girl, Angelina, and the skies are lit up with fireworks. I hope to god everything is alright. They told me to document the events of the day, it’s better than sitting around, they said. So I’m going to tell you what happened, NoSleep. Until I get the call. (Read Full Story). Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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