Here’s The 51 Creepiest Mysteries That Remain Unsolved To This Very Day

There’s some creepy shit in the world. The junior detectives over at Reddit were asked to cough up some of the freakiest unsolved mysteries, and these will absolutely keep you up at night.

1. The disappearance of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos

Two men (unrelated, who didn’t know each other) disappeared from Naples, Florida three months apart under the exact same circumstances. Both men were last spotted being arrested by deputy Steve Calkins for driving without a license. Neither men were taken to the jail. They just disappeared. His story is that he dropped both men off at Circle K convenience stores and drove away. There isn’t as much evidence to go on with Santos’ disappearance, but his story was actively disputed by the available evidence when it comes to Terrance’s disappearance. For instance, he had Terrance’s car towed and told the tow operator that the car was abandoned. But there were witnesses who saw him pull over Terrance and arrest him. What did he do with these men???

My own theory is that he gave them a Starlight ride: in other words, he drove them into the wilderness and dropped them off for them to walk home and they died of exposure/dehydration. To me it makes the most sense with the evidence. But maybe he’s a serial killer, who knows?

— Hysterymystery

2. The disappearance of Brandon Swanson.

Long story short, he was driving down a road in Minnesota in 2008 and came off into a ditch. He phoned his father to ask him to pick him up and told him where he was and his father said he would pick him up at a nearby town called Lynd and that Brandon should walk there and meet him.

As his parents were on the way to pick him up, they were on the phone to him. They were unable to see him initially so they asked him to flash his cars lights. Nothing. He said he could see the lights of a nearby town and would walk towards them. His father dropped his mother back at home and went back out to find him. At around 2am, after around 47 minutes on the phone, Brandon yelled “OH SHIT” and the phone hung up. That was the last anyone ever heard from him. His car was found near Taunton, MN, around 20 miles from where he said he was. His phone was never recovered.

No trace of him has ever been found. No-one knows what the lights he saw were, why he yelled ‘OH SHIT’, why he was 20 miles from where he said he was, where he went or where he is.

— Magnehtic

3. Trevaline Evans

This is less famous than most of the cases listed here, but Trevaline Evans always got to me. She left a note on the door of her antiques shop saying ‘Back in 2 minutes’, went to buy her lunch, and was never heard from again.

The Wikipedia link is pretty short

Here’s a Daily Mail article from 2015

Hoping this case gets a little more exposure.

— isnotstudying

4. The death of Gareth Williams

The death of Gareth Williams really unnerves me for some reason. He was a mathematician who worked for MI6 and went missing in about 2010. When they investigated his apartment they found a gym bag in the bath, padlocked shut, and his body was curled up inside.

There was no evidence that anyone else had been inside the house, and on his computer history there was a bunch of fetish stuff about being locked in small spaces, but they got a bunch of people to try and lock themselves in a bag. Some people tried hundreds of times and even if they could get the bag closed none of them could lock it. Nobody knows whether his death was an accident or murder.

— komahinae

5. Jack The Ripper

To me, it’s Jack The Ripper, but a lesser known one was the Boy in the Box. In February of 1957, a boy around 4-6 years old was found beaten and nude in a box outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His picture was spread all around Pennsylvania, and no one has any idea who he is. They even did a fictionalized version of the story on Cold Case.

EDIT: Better Link

— Fricktator

6. The smiley face killer theory

Imagine a killer or killers that are so diabolical that they fool law enforcement into thinking they don’t even exist? That’s some real life keyser soze shit

Edit: I’m merely speculating here about this supposed mystery, not saying I personally believe it one way or another. Smiley faces are a common graffiti symbol, but hey who knows. This might make a good movie

— terryshotderekjeter

7. The Bobby Dunbar case

In 1912 a four-year-old disappeared while his family was camping. After a frantic eight-month search, a child matching his description was found one state over in the company of a traveling tinkerer. This little boy recognized Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar as his parents and seemed to know details of Bobby Dunbar’s life.

The tinkerer insisted that the child was actually Bruce Anderson, whose mother (a single, illiterate, poor servant) had given him custody because she couldn’t afford to raise Bruce. Julia Anderson traveled to Louisiana to support his story and identified the little boy as Bruce. However, the courts believed the Dunbars instead and convicted the tinkerer of kidnapping. (He later won an appeal, but the Dunbars retained custody of “Bobby”).

90 years later, “Bobby’s” granddaughter was doing a genealogy project and discovered the old controversy. She had her father and her uncle (son of the younger subset brother) take a DNA test. The test proved that “Bobby Dunbar” was not related to the Dunbar family. He was Bruce Anderson all along.

So…what happened to Bobby?

— thefuzzybunny1

8. Tara Calico, who disappeared in Sept 1988.

A photograph of two children emerged in June 1989. It is speculated that the female is Tara. The photograph was discovered in a parking lot by a woman, who claimed there was a Toyota van parked in the spot with a mustached 30+ yr old in the vehicle when she went inside the store.

The other person in the photograph, a missing male, is speculated as being another missing child, Michael Henley, from New Mexico.

Scotland Yard confirmed the female was Tara Calico, but tests of the photo conducted by the FBI came up with inconclusive results.

— Starved-Nutritionist

9. The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript. A long, detailed, and elaborate ‘field guide’ describing plants and animals that don’t exist in a language or code nobody can crack. Other than an insanely elaborate hoax, I have no explanation…

— OllieUnited18

10. Vanishing baby

In 1997 a baby in my neighborhood disappeared in the middle of the night. It was a safe, suburban neighborhood zoned for the best schools around. I remember hanging out and talking to the police who were stationed outside their house. She was never found and no one was ever charged. Lots of speculation that the parents were behind it, but no one knows for sure.

— holymolym

11. The Sodder children disappearance

I’m from WV and have talked to my Grandfather heavily about that case. I’ll lay out some things for everyone’s benefit.

At the time of the fire most people in power either were coal barons, Italian mobsters, or both. The mob and the coal companies effectively owned everything. The families in that area of the state had very close ties to Benito Mussolini and did not take criticism lightly. They really did control West Virginia at the time and today their influence can still be felt. It’s suspected that the man who tried to sell them life insurance in October 1945 was really selling protection.

The father of the family openly criticized Mussolini and was against him as a leader for the Italian people. It’s suspected that the man who inspected and rewired the house was a mob man and he planted an incendiary device in the attic.

On the night of the fire it’s thought that the mob man was waiting outside listening for the phone to ring, he then waited for the mother to go back to bed and slipped into the barn where they were finishing up their last chores for the night and took the children away, it’s thought that of the missing children, one of them did die in the fire (they found bone fragments of vertebrae younger than 24 in an excavation), but the others went with the man. He then activated the incendiary device and left with the children.

The father’s vehicles were sabotaged, the ladder was gone (it was later found thrown down an embankment some distance away), their Christmas lights stayed on even though they should of gone out if it was an electrical fire, and the phone line was cut.

There was also a man arrested for stealing a block and tackle from the house just before the start of the fire. He denied any involvement in the fire itself, but said that he cut the phone line thinking it was the power line so they couldn’t see him in the yard. The mother later said that if the power had been cut, they wouldn’t of been able to see to get out and it would have killed them all. Luckily for that man, he was let go shortly after and his file disappeared.

A woman reported seeing four of the children with an older Italian man at a hotel and they appeared to be coerced into following him. One of the children, Louis supposedly popped up in Texas in the 60s when he got drunk and started talking about it. One of the girls supposedly popped up in NYC in the early 50s doing ballet. The other two are said to have popped up in Sicily in the early 60s. One working as a prostitute at a mob house and the other visiting her.

Overall the general conclusion of those around here (who aren’t connected to the Italian Mob) is that the mob wanted to kill the entire family for being anti-Mussolini, but a wrench was thrown in their plans when the four kids were in the barn. One child did die in the fire, but the other four were taken by the mob. The Mobs had such control over the government in WV that it was hushed up.

— CallMeRyann

12. The Oakville Blobs

The Oakville Blobs.

Basically, it started raining one day and citizens noted that the rain wasn’t water, it was strange jelly blobs. It happened six times in the next three weeks, and mass sickness followed.

— CrazyKirby97

13. The Devil’s Kettle

Devil’s Kettle.

It’s a waterfall in northern Minnesota where one half of the waterfall falls into a hole in the rocks and is never seen again. Local geologists have thrown stuff down there and nothing is ever seen again. When you consider to types of rocks in the area it’s even more confusing.

— Prosandhans6969

14. Okay, this one was solved

I was going to say the mysterious lifeboat on Bouvet island but it looks like it has recently been solved. Still a good read.

— lubricated-horse


The star dust crash and the meaning of STENDEC.

A plane flying over the andes delivered a final coded message (“STENDEC”)minutes before disappearing. The plane was discovered by hikers 50 years later but the meaning of STENDEC still remains a mystery.

A theory suggests that the pilot may have been suffering from hypoxia and mis-spelt descent but the message was sent three times with the same spelling.

— louisbo12

16. Disappearance of Ray Gricar

I haven’t seen mention of this: the disappearance of Pennsylvania District Attorney Ray Gricar in 2005. Gricar had previously investigated sexual misconduct charges against Penn State Football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky in 1998. Gricar didn’t have enough evidence at the time to press formal charges and dropped the case.

In 2005 he went missing and his car was discovered in the parking lot of a roadside business North of State College Pennsylvania. His laptop was found in a nearby stream with the hard drive removed. In 2011 after a lengthy grand jury investigation, Sandusky was finally charged with sexual abuse of a minor. Gricar’s body was never found and officials deny any connection of the Sandusky Penn State abuse scandal with Gricar’s disappearance.

— rplst8

17. JonBenet Ramsey

The most depressing is JonBenet Ramsey. The deeper you get into it, the more confusing it gets. The most popular theory at the minute is that she was sexually assaulted and killed by her 9 year old brother (far from fact, by the way) which just goes to show how crazy this mystery is.

— Dwights_Bobblehead

18. Madeleine McCann

Parents on vacation left their young kids at their rental to go out to have dinner with friends. Every so often, the adults would take turns checking in on the kids. On one check in, Madeleine was missing. They never found her, but there have been reports all over the world of people seeing her.

— Dwights_Bobblehead

19. The Lead Masks Case

Caso das Máscaras de Chumbo or The Lead Masks Case.

On the afternoon of August 20, 1966, a young man was flying a kite on the Morro do Vintém (Vintém Hill) in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when he came upon the bodies of two deceased males and reported them to the authorities. The Morro do Vintém had difficult terrain, and the police were unable to reach the bodies until the next day. When a small team of police and firefighters arrived on scene, they noted the bodies’ odd conditions: The two males were lying next to each other, slightly covered by grass. Each wore a formal suit, a lead eye mask, and a waterproof coat. There were no signs of trauma and no evidence of a struggle in the surrounding area. Next to the bodies, police found an empty water bottle and a packet containing two wet towels. A small notebook was also identified, in which were written the cryptic instructions “16:30 estar no local determinado. 18:30 ingerir cápsulas, após efeito proteger metais aguardar sinal mascara” (’16:30 be at the specified location. 18:30 ingest capsules, after the effect protect metals await signal mask’) – copied from Wikipedia

During their last day alive the two men bought a bottle of water from the bar and kept the recipt so they could return it later. So they expected to survive whatever they were about to do. Most plausible theory I’ve heard is that the men were hippy spiritualist who believed the could communicate to aliens or spirits using psychedelics and they must have died of a drug overdose. But what psychedelics cause drug overdoses with no signs of a struggle, and what’s with the masks and rain coats? Just weirdness.

— ladydeedee

20. Disappearance of Kyron Horman

The one that still holds my thoughts to this day is the disappearance of Kyron Horman. 7 year old Kyron allegedly went missing from his school one morning after his step mother went in to see his science fair project and was last seen by her walking down the hall to his first class. He never made it. The trail runs pretty cold after that, the step mother was suspected after it was found that she had made phone calls to a random island off the coast that day, but nothing ever proved itself of valuable evidence.

Eventually it was revealed that the stepmother had asked the family landscaper to kill her husband months before kyrons disappearance. The landscaper was asked to wear a wire when speaking to her about it but nothing came up. The father and stepmother divorced and he has a restraining order on her.

— BurnoutByNight

21. The Valentich disappearance

The Valentich disappearance. In the 1970’s a man flying a light plane flying over water from Melbourne Australia to Tasmania claimed to air traffic that he was being followed. About 20 minutes into the conversation he claims it wasn’t an aircraft that the only sound is a metallic sound. Him and the aircraft is still missing and if you type ufo with valentich appearance is a pic of a ufo taken around the same time in a melbourne beach

— analjunkie

22. The Tamam Shud Case

I know the Zodiac still technically isn’t solved, but I’ll always believe it was Arthur Leigh Allen.

If I recall there wasn’t any physical evidence linking him to the crimes but the amount of circumstantial evidence was overwhelming. He was at all the places the Zodiac was all around the same dates, he owned the same types of boots, same types of weapons, already had a history of violence. Told a story that literally was word for word what the zodiac killer put in a manifesto (something about shooting children off of a bus)

He owned the same type of typewriter that was used to type the letters.

Even a suvivor of the Zodiac identified Allen out of lineup (he was 8/10 sure that Allen was the man who shot them)

Edit: Like I stated, I know there is absolute no DNA evidence & his handwriting didn’t match. I also am well aware of how unreliable eyewitness accounts can be.

However, Robert Greysmith also recieved breathing phone calls randomly, that stopped completely after Allen had died. I also believe he may have had help, which would have explained the handwriting (and the creepy ass basement scene from the film)

— Throwdisaway2092

23. DB Cooper

Still one of the most fascinating incidents in American history.

— Anonymous

24. The Antikythera mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism. I don’t know much about it, other than it dates back to around 200BC and it’s apparently a primitive computer. It is the only example of its kind, with nothing remotely similar being made until over a thousand years later.

— ghost290

25. The green children of woolpit

The green children of woolpit: Horrible Histories did a sketch about them. Apparently they were Belgium orphans (their bizarre language) who had been exposed to copper (can’t remember how) causing the green tint to their skin. Also they had been scavenging in the forest hence their diet. Something along those lines. Tried to find a video but nothing came up. I highly recommend searching it out.

— CoolpantsMacCool

26. Colonial Parkway Killer

The Colonial Parkway Killer on the parkway between Jamestown and Yorktown Virginia. The guy has never been caught. Killed 8 people and their bodies are missing to this day. Happened in the 80s but its a pretty big thing in the area. The parkway has a lot of pull offs where high school kids and college students hang out with friends or S/Os.

— dddretard

27. He never came back

Harold Holt, the prime minster of Australia just disappeared while swimming at the beach in 1967.

— thekidfromthegutter

28. The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery

On December 26th, 1900 a supply ship arrived at the Eliean Mor lighthouse to find that no one was at the dock waiting for them. The islands only inhabitants were the lighthouse keepers James Ducat, Thomas Marshall, and William McArthur. Captain James Harvey was in charge of the supply ship and had brought along Joseph Moore, a replacement lighthouse keeper. After attempts at getting the lighthouse keepers using the ships horn and a flare, Joseph decided to go up to the lighthouse to check things out. When he reached the lighthouse, he immediately knew something was wrong because the door was unlocked and two of the three coats were missing in the entrance hall. As he reached the kitchen, he noticed a half eaten meal and an overturned chair as if someone had left in a hurry. After searching the lighthouse top to bottom Joseph hadn’t found signs of the lighthouse keepers. A further investigation was made and found mysterious entries in the lighthouse log:

December 12th Thomas Marshall noted of severe winds ‘the likes of which I have never seen before in twenty years.’ He also noted that James Ducat, the Principal Keeper, had been very quiet and that William McArthur had been crying. The strange thing is that on the mainland McArthur had been known as a tough guy and was a seasoned mariner.

December 13th noted that the storm was still raging on and that the three men had been praying. It’s strange because all three of the men were seasoned mariners and situated about 150ft (45.72 meters) above sea level. They should’ve known they’d be safe, so why would they be praying for the storm to pass over.

The final log entry on December 15th read, ‘Storm ended, sea calm, God is over all’.

Stranger is that there were no reported storms in the area on the 12th, 13th, and 14th of December. In fact, the weather in that area had been reported as calm. The most accepted theory is that the men were swept into the sea and drowned. However, questions arose about why the bodies had never washed up on shore as well as some others.

— SheerCold24

29. Agatha Christie

The disappearance of Agatha Christie.

One of the great, if not the greatest, mystery writers of all time, and one day, for no reason, she vanished without a trace.

And then she was found ten days later, suffering from amnesia, but registered at a hotel under the name of her husband’s mistress.

No explanation has ever been offered by Agatha.

— LeStiqsue

30. Permian Extinction

Personal favourite is the Permian Extinction, because until recently there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence as to what could cause a die-off of species so massive it takes well into the next geological era – we’re talking on a scale of millions of years – to fully recover from it. Paleontologists call it the Great Dying and if you know anything about those guys, there not usually ones for hyperbole.

— MrShoggoth

31. Madame Victoria

In 2001, they found a woman’s body in a little wooded area in the parking of l’hôpital Royal Victoria in Montreal. They called her Madame Victoria and have never found anything about who she was. They did facial reconstruction, a popular TV show made a sort of documentary about everything they knew to try and find her, but still nothing. How does someone go die in a parking in the middle of a city and not a single person knows who she is? I think it’s awesome

— QueenLadyGaga

32. Keddie cabin murders

Keddie cabin murders. a family was killed. There is an online site that has a forum with people’s theories. It is also on Reddit I think under true crime.

— Maybewhocansay

33. The Vanishing Triangle

The Vanishing Triangle During the late 90’s, 8 young women in Ireland disappeared without a trace. No bodies were ever found, no substantial evidence to link anyone to the disappearances, no clues as to what happened to the women and all within an (admittedly very broad) area the media started calling the ‘Vanishing Triangle’.

One of the women disappeared in broad daylight and another just outside her parents house. While the cases aren’t officially linked, the popular theory is that there was a serial killer/kidnapper. A man named Larry Murphy, who was arrested in 2000 for rape and attempted murder, is a popular suspect, but he’s always denied it and there’s no real evidence to link him to the other cases.

— GoodUsername22

34. La Manhca Negra

At this point I’m gonna get buried, but I’m surprised not to find anyone mention La Manhca Negra.

It’s so creepy, no one knows what it actually is and it keeps spreading.

— rui-tan

35. Assassination of Juvénal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira

Also The Assassination of Juvénal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira doesn’t usually come up on these lists of unsolved mysteries but there has never been enough evidence to point to any one group in particular. The assassination kicked off the Rwandan genocide. The main suspects are Hutu extremists, who went on to carry out the genocide, and Paul Kagame, who became the president of Rwanda after the assassination. There’s also evidence that members of the French military working with the Rwandan Presidential Guard were involved.

And, because I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, how the stone spheres of Costa Rica were made.

— GoodUsername22

36. UVB-76 (The Buzzer)

UVB-76 (The Buzzer) A radio station that produces , which broadcasts a buzzing noise at the same rate, however it is sometimes interrupted with Russian voices saying crap like “Command 135 initiated” it is just weird because anyone can listen to it, and it is very purposeful, but we don’t know what the hell its for.

— hellopeople9

37. The Taman Shud case

The Taman Shud case. A man with no identification found dead on a beach in Australia killed by an unknown poison with a piece of paper in his pocket reading taman shud meaning ended or finished in persian. They found the book the piece was torn from and it has a secret code which no one can decipher.

— MDSupreme

38. Ricky McCormick

I haven’t seen this mentioned yet, but Ricky McCormick.

A man who reportedly could barely write his own name was found dead, with notes in his pocket resembling a code. Cryptologists have been trying to decipher the code for several years. The fbi eventually released the notes to the public asking for assistance, in the hopes someone might recognize the code or be able to crack it.

Some have speculated that it’s about drugs, some that it’s his medication list, and many presume it’s nothing more than gibberish.

It still raises the question, who killed Ricky? What do the notes contain, if anything at all? Why do people tend to die with mysterious ciphers in their pockets?

I’ve often thought about this case and looked over the notes several times. There are repeating letters such as TFRNE, WLD, and PRSE that lead me to believe that there really is a message in them.

— ShitlordiusPrime

39. Starlite

Can’t believe nobody has mentioned Starlite yet. Essentially, it was a material invented that couple withstand incredible amounts of heat, but the inventor never let the manufacturing process known to anyone besides his family and NASA hasn’t been able to reproduce it.

— Shredder13

40. The Toynbee Tiles

Tiles placed in metropolitan areas generally with the message

“Toynbee Idea, In Movie ‘2001, Resurrect Dead, On Planet Jupiter”

There has been documentaries about it and skepticism around how they are placed, but no conclusion to the story or who makes them.

— ZiggyIggyK

41. Mary Celeste

I’m surprised nobody has said this:

Long story short: whole crew of a ship disappears with all their belongings left on board (even the booze). Courts offered 4 explanations but none were ever proven…

— odx0r

42. Where did he come from?

Sometime during the late 90s/early 00s a body of a European man was found in my hometown. He was found in a small drain wearing scuba diving gear and had no identification with him. I remember the newspaper had his body on the front page.

He looked like he had melted and they suspect he was there for a few weeks. Still really eerie because I remember the photo. The drain wasn’t even large enough to drown in and it was unlikely that he had somehow made come from the sea because the drains all have those grills on them and they move outwards towards the sea.

— GanasbinTagap

43. YOGTZE Case

YOGTZE is well known case about a dead man in Germany. The english wiki page is missing conspiracy theories but it gives a good start for additional research. The YOGTZE case was several times topic of the German show “Aktenzeichen XY – ungelöst” which is a pretty big real crime show.

— Herr_Stoll

44. Hinterkaifeck murders

Hinterkaifeck murders case always intrigued me. In 1922 whole family was murdered overnight on remote farm in Germany. The chances that it will get ever solved are none :(

— xMort

45. How did they get here?

How the hell monkeys got to South America. The current hypothesis is that they rode on a raft made of dead plants across the Atlantic Ocean and then managed to establish a successful population.

— smashinjin10

46. The Battle of Los Angeles

LA got suddenly and completely shut down, and military came in and started firing into the sky. Theories include anything from rogue weather balloons to UFOs.

— FufuTheGargoyle

47. The missing 411 (people)

Basically people go missing in national parks all the time with weird similarities. Children go missing 15 feet from groups. Then months later only a bone or two is found in areas that have already been searched.

Deorr Kunz Jr.- 2 Years

Missing 7/10/15- Lemhi County, ID


Not Found

Deorr was camping with his mom, dad, grandparents and a family friend. His parents went for a short walk thinking that their son was being watched by the grandparents. When they returned, the boy was gone. According to statements made by the Lemhi County sheriff, the family members have been cleared of any criminal involvement. There was a massive search for the boy without finding any evidence of him in the area. Weather did hinder search efforts as it was raining in the days immediately after the disappearance.

I was contacted by a retired USFS employee who lived in the area and kept me updated on the events. They stated that the local newspaper had almost nothing about this event, which the area population thought was strange. The FBI came into the investigation two weeks after Deorr vanished. If you have been reading my “Missing 411” books, the arrival of the FBI seems to coincide with profile points I’ve identified in my books. There has been nothing new on this event in over a month.

The area that Deorr vanished is very, very remote with a rough dirt road. As is stated in this article, it’s almost ridiculous to believe that a human perpetrator drove this single lane road into this region and took Deorr. He hasn’t been found.

Sukhjeet Saggu- 20 years

Missing 6/5/15

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, BC, Canada

Sukhjeet was with a group of friends walking a large well-known trail from their vehicle at the parking lot to Lindeman Lake. He stated he wanted to run ahead and meet them at the lake. When the friends arrived at the lake, he was not there. The Chilliwack Search and Rescue group was notified along with RCMP.

Just days after the hiker vanished, a helicopter search found his body in a boulder field far off course from the lake trail. Doug Fraser was the SAR supervisor on this event. A June 7, 2015 article from CBC news had this from Doug, “It was very, very strange and difficult to explain why he ended up where he did,” said Fraser. Adding that the boulder field is quite a bit of elevation above the lake and a fair distance from the trail.”

An autopsy showed that Sukhjeet died of blunt head trauma. It was the belief of some that he fell and hit his head. How did he end up in a boulder field? Where did he fall from? This incident matches other cases involving a boulder field.

Morgan Heimer-22 years

Missing 6/2/15- Grand Canyon National Park, AZ


Not Found

Morgan was an English major at the University of Wyoming and had a summer job as a tour guide for white water trips on the Colorado River. He was an outstanding swimmer and competent guide. Morgan’s group of boats pulled the group to the side of the river at a regular stop where they take guests up a side creek. Guests take a short walk to a pool where they jump off boulders into the water. The group was walking back to the boats along the small creek, Morgan was wearing his life preserver and was last in line when he disappeared. There was an extensive search by the National Park Service, nothing was found of Morgan or his equipment.

An employee that worked at the same guide company that Morgan worked contacted me. He explained that the other guides on this trip are completely baffled. The area he disappeared had a small creek with cliff walls on both sides. He stated that it didn’t seem possible that Morgan could disappear as he did.

— colonelpoonslayer69

48. The Lyle Stevik case is rather interesting

TL:DR: In 2001 a man in his 20’s or possibly 30’s, checked into a motel in Amanda Park, Washington, and later committed suicide by hanging in the closet. Investigators trying to locate his family soon realize he was probably using an alias, as ‘Lyle Stevick’ is the name of a suicidal character in Joyce Carol Oates’ novel You Must Remember This. The address he gave at check-in was that of a Best Western in Ohio—staff members there didn’t recognize him. It’s been more than 14 years since his death and he still hasn’t been identified. It’s suspected he might be Canadian, however, as a worker described him having a Canadian accent.

Here’s some pictures apparently taken shortly after his body was found. Fair warning; they’re not gory (apart from some neck bruises) but you’re looking into the open eyes of a corpse. IE, NSFW/NSFL:

This one’s kind of unusual, actually—aren’t hanging victims supposed to have purple, protruding tongues and bloodshot eyes?

The way he was hanging; apparently he opted for ‘kneeling on the floor’…

— Fidesphilio

49. Kaz II

Maybe not the “best” but nonetheless interesting and open to interpretation- Kaz II, an Australian ‘ghost yacht’ was found drifting in the Great Barrier Reef which was found completely empty and with no sign of distress.Washing was hung up to dry and no distress call took place.. weird..

— rppp7

50. Deorr Kunz and Anita Knutson

The Deorr Kunz case where a two year old boy was camping with his family in idaho and apparently went missing when everyone turned their backs on July 10, 2015. The family has been focus as suspects but no body has ever been found.

Another interesting one is the Anita Knutson murder. A 18 year old college student in North Dakota was found dead in her bed after her father asked the manager to let him into the apartment room. The bloody knife was found in the apartment and still no justice was ever found for Anita. She was stabbed multiple times. This brought on a deep depression for the brother who later committed suicide. That murderer took two of that family’s kids that day not just one.

— makeupmaniac

51. The Great Filter

The Great Filter. Something is making civilizations rare in the universe. It could be that life is rare or that some step towards civilization is rare. But it is also possible that civilizations manage to repeatedly screw up before they reach the stars. That means we need to take all sorts of existential risks like nuclear war, resource depletion, pollution, pandemics, etc. much more seriously than we do and should be putting in a lot more resources across the board to investigate them.

— JoshuaZ1 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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