Christina El Moussa Just Opened Up About The Exact Moment She Decided To Leave Tarek

Flip or Flop’s Christina El Moussa has been subject to a very public divorce with her husband and business partner Tarek. Now, for the first time, she is talking about the exact day she decided it was time to leave her husband.

Last May, Christina made a panicked call to police when Tarek stormed out of the house with a gun after they had an extremely heated argument. On his part, Tarek denies he was ever suicidal and just grabbed the gun to protect himself from wild animals on the Chino Hills State Park Main Ridge Trail where he intended to hike.

Worried for her husband’s safety, however, police were summoned to locate him at the park. 11 officers and a police helicopter eventually found Tarek safe and sound, but Christina knew at their moment that they needed to take a break. Christina and the children moved in with their nanny for six weeks to wait for tensions to cool.

“It just made me realize that us being separated was healthier for both of us. I didn’t necessarily know that we weren’t going to get back together. It was after seeking therapy and trying to work things out that we both realized this is for the best,” Christina told People Magazine.

The couple now jointly calls the incident an “unfortunate misunderstanding” and Christina regularly emphasizes that she just “hopes [Tarek] is happy.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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