22 Spooked People Discuss The Creepiest Unexplained Mystery They’ve Ever Experienced

1. Cousin Jimmy ditches post and shows up dead

Just had my Dad refresh this story for me about his cousin. So in the early 1990’s, my dad’s cousin Jimmy worked for the CIA. He seems to recall he dealt with some sort of political espionage in South America. He held a cover job in Boston at a media outlet covering South American politics (writing stories not on-air talent or anything).

One day, Jimmy calmly tells his boss that his mother is sick and has to leave work and is never heard from again — Until he was found dead in Washington DC and ruled a suicide which, according to everyone who knew him seemed extremely unlikely. This was followed by weird phone calls from the government to his family with stories trying to justify the suicide.

None of it really made sense and to this day, nobody knows what he was really into or what happened.

— Paddy_McQ

2. Who were all these people?

I was doing an audit of a public program. I pulled a sample from something like 60,000 people. There was 12 people with the same name in the same town. I thought this was a clerical error so I asked for backup. I found out 6 were really different people but 6 others had the same middle initial and Birthday. I asked for ids and they sent me 8. There was 8 people with the same first and last name, same middle initial, same birthday, born in the same area. The two extras were two people with all those similarities but they both had died. Here is the kicker, they died on the same day.

I think about this all the time.

— Nick357

3. Cousin just vanished

My cousin dropped her kids off at Daycare 11 years ago and was never seen again. Her face has been plastered all over my state, she’s been on countless news segments and was even featured on the missing persons segment of America’s most wanted.

Then a few years back her name came up in a torture case where the guy threatened to put his victim in the same hole he put Melanie in. Her case is still no closer to being solved: http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/m/metheny_melanie.html

— DefinitelynotNic

4. Left for work, and was never seen again

My dad disappeared when i was 6 months old. Left for work one morning and we never heard from him again and he never showed up at work. He took nothing with him and didn’t touch the bank accounts. We assume he started a new life somewhere. Ive been trying to find him for years with no luck.

— Why_Do_We_Fall_Bruce

5. We were moments away from death

When my sister and I were kids, we were out front of our home, playing near the mailbox. Mom and Dad were there by the window watching, and according to them, my mother turned to my father and asked him to bring us inside. He shrugged her off, but she became more urgent. He asked why it was a problem, and she suddenly panicked and started heading towards the front door despite being less than a week away from giving birth to our youngest sister. He stopped her and stepped outside to call us in, and we complied.

Less than a minute later, a car came barreling down the street at high speed and struck our mailbox, destroying it. We would have both been killed instantly.

My parents have never felt entirely comfortable talking about it.

— StChas77

6. But seriously. A lucky coincidence.

One summer when we were teenagers, my sister and I would sit on our neighbor’s porch with her until late in the evening, every night all summer long. One evening, either our parents or her parents said no, and we couldn’t hang out. That evening a car ran off the road and hit her deck right where we would have been sitting. Weird.

— CrabFarts

7. She drove through the window I always stood at

My mom used to always pick me up from work.

I’d stand out front, in front of a certain window pane, and have a smoke. I always stood in the same place.

One day, my mom texted me as I was standing outside of my work, saying she couldn’t pick me up. So I started walking home, and less then a minute after I cross the street I hear an ear-splitting crash. I figured someone dropped some dishes in the restaurant I was walking past.

When I got home, though, I went onto Facebook and everyone was sharing a link to this news story of a car running into my work’s building.

The next day when I went to work, I saw the damage. The window pane I would have been standing at was absolutely fucked and the wall was like folding a bit on the inside. Like, this bitch hit the window with some speed.

I guess what happened was this old lady thought she was in reverse, was actually just in standard. I don’t drive so I don’t know what you’d call that, but she was parked and instead of backing out she went fucking flying into the window I would have been standing at if I didn’t walk home.

— braybarr

8. Call from the dead

My grandma passed away on Christmas day of 2009. She was my next door neighbor, and left her house in my dad’s name. After her passing, we completely emptied out the house, cancelled the landline, cable, everything.

The house had been completely vacant for months, but on my birthday the following year we received a call from her to my house’s landline. Her same phone number, even with her name on the caller ID. I freaked out, and so did my parents. we were all too confused to answer, so we just let the phone ring. My dad called the service provider to ask wtf was going on, but they said her account was closed, and since nobody had been paying for the service, there was no way it could have been working. Weird.

— itsokaydude

9. My uncle vanished with his yacht

My uncle, never had a chance to meet him, hired a small yacht with a small group of friends and were going to use it to do sailing holidays as a business. Anyway. They radioed in very early one morning saying they were out of petrol off the coast, and were told they would receive petrol in the morning.

They went to deliver petrol and never found the boat. They have only ever found one life doughnut thing and that’s it. They think the boat was pirated, and we have reports that they’re still alive in different countries but they’ve never been substantiated. They also have a sneaking suspicion that the yacht owner had something to do with it, as he acted SO dodgy after it all went down. They literally have absolutely no idea what happened. There were no other ships in the area at the time (they thought they could have been run over and sunk by a large ship)

Anyway. It is called the Patanela. There is still a huge reward out for any info.

— rhysssa

10. I don’t believe in ghosts, but…

I don’t believe in ghosts but my dad has told me about a couple of his own experiences. I can’t think of a single reason why he would lie to me about it. But the craziest one he told me was from when he was about 16. He was staying the night at his best friend’s house as he had done many times before. Everyone had already gone to bed and he was watching TV alone in the living room.

Then, the TV shut off on its own and he heard the floor creek like it does when someone walks down the hall. But no body was there, and then he saw the seat next to him on the couch become depressed, and the TV turned back on, but instead of playing his show it started playing some old black and white cartoons with subtitles. He said at this point he was petrified and couldn’t even move. Then the TV shut back off, the seat inflated, he heard steps back down the hall, and his original show he was watching came back on.

— okiedokedudedamn

11. I thought it had to be a prank — but it wasn’t.

When I was younger I used to sleep over my best friend’s house a lot. He has an enormous and old house which is also quite beautiful. One night, I woke up and went up this long ass stairs to the bathroom while it was all really dark and I cant start to describe the noises I heard while I was in the bathroom.

I heard steps right outside the door, heard someone scratching the door and I thought “This must be my friend pranking me”, so I went and opened the door. Nothing, absolutely nothing the noises stopped suddenly as soon as I opened it.

I slept in the bathroom that night and recently told my friend now that we are older what happened and he told me they had their house “purged” a year ago due to weird things happening specially with his little sister.

To be honest, I don’t believe in ghosts nor anything of that kind but that event was a complete mind-fuck.

— ChasisOxidado

12. Lots of weird shit happened in our house

We had shit happening in our house for years. Growing up my oldest sister used to tell my parents about the old lady who would sit on her bed and talk to her at night. They dismissed it as just a child’s imagination. A few times when I was growing up, at night, I could feel my bed shaking, more like a rhythmic pull that I could see as it rocked back and forth against the wall.

One time I watched my closet door close by itself and then hear a loud bang. I thought maybe the cat had trapped itself inside so I opened the door and all of my clothes were off the hangers and on the floor, and all the hangers were swinging wildly on the rod. It really scared me.

My sisters and I grew up and went to college, got married and had kids of our own. My sister’s husband was in the living room one night and looked up the stairs to see an old woman walk right down the hallway and threw a door. He was SO freaked out that he never went upstairs in my parent’s house again.

I had forgotten so many of the stories about the house. I went to visit my parent’s on Thanksgiving. At about 3am I got up to use the bathroom. I was sitting on the throne and I heard footsteps come down the hall and stop in front of the door. I WATCHED the doorknob turn, and I yelled, “I’m in here! Be out in a minute.”

And someone pushed on the door – as in, leaned on it with some weight to make it move – and again I said, “Hey, I am in here!” I heard a loud sighing…. and I jumped up, pulled up my clothes, opened the door to … no one. It freaked me the hell out!

I went to down the hall and checked every room. Turned on all the lights. I checked my son who was still asleep, then woke up both my parents, and told them someone is in this house! There was no one.

A few years after that, my father broke into a boarded up crawl space in the basement, and there was a trunk filled with papers in it. There was a letter from a previous owner who wrote to his lawyer about wanting to sell the house for fear it was haunted. True story.

— RedheadBanshee

13. Old lighthouse lighting itself

In the seaport town where Mom was raised, there’s an abandoned lighthouse. It’s decommissioned and boarded up – no electricity or utilities.

Yet, on some nights, residents would see lights in the tower windows – very bright and steady, as if the lighthouse was inhabited.

Each time it was inspected, the report was that the building was securely locked, no power available, and no signs of vandalism.

— Back2Bach

14. Did she have a feeling about what was about to happen?

The night before September 11 my sister had a full blown freak out. She said something terrible was going to happen and wouldn’t go to school tomorrow and was crying uncontrollably. We never talked about it again. She was 13.

— Dirtybux

15. Who was she??

Girl adds me on Snapchat, knows my life story, secrets I’ve never even whispered, and acts like she knows me. Gets really sad when I don’t know who she is and when I say that I’ve never seen her in my life she sends “Holy fuck, you really did it.” She removed and blocked me promptly after and I haven’t heard from her since

— drewsomme

16. Letter from nobody

I got a letter from some random girl in TX when I was in my late teens (in the late 90’s). Hand written and addressed to my parent’s home address (which I wasn’t in the habit of giving out) in MO. I didn’t recognize her name, nor that of another girl she referenced in the letter.

I’d passed through TX once, at that point. I didn’t meet anybody. A kid in his late teens in rural southwest MO (again, in the late 90’s) just doesn’t know that many people, period, let alone any ladies who might want to correspond with him.

It’s not like she was referencing my childhood pets by name or anything, but she did seem to, roughly, know what was going on in my life. Wrote in a very familiar manner.

I’ve still got the letter somewhere. Wonder what the internet might turn up.

— HotCharlie

17. Dried blood everywhere

This morning i woke up with half my face covered in dried blood. At first I figured i had a nose bleed during the night but my white pillow sheet was clean. I also had dried blood under my finger nails on my left hand, and there was a streak of blood along my living room couch. I’m not sure what happened.

— respectthegoat

18. She thought I was her dead husband

I was at a dueling piano bar with my girl for a night of laughing. This girl my age and who I figured was her mom kept looking at me. The night went on and they eventually came up to me and apologized for the staring and had decided to explain to me why.

The old lady told me her daughter had taken her out to this piano bar tonight to celebrate her now deceased husband’s birthday. That I was a perfect match and looked exactly like her husband and was the same age for when they met decades ago.

They asked me my name and age when I told them they both started crying as I had the same name as the husband and was the same age as when they met. They kept saying they wish they had a picture with them to show me the resemblance. The old lady and daughter asked me to please take a pic with them so they could document this and to have the pic to show the rest of family this as nobody would believe this happened.

They were pretty emotional about this happening and the old lady almost pulled some tears out of me when she asked me to hug her because it was like she was going back in time and was given the chance to hug her husband once again. The daughter, to her this was like seeing her father in his prime and they were both blown away. I couldn’t say no to the pic and hug etc. The whole thing was very strange and really got me thinking about life etc. I’m a tad emotional right now thinking about this again.

— ClickClack_Bam

19. My grandparent’s house was freaky AF

At my grandparents house in rural Virginia, two incidents:

One night, I’m watching Star Wars in my room and my parents walk in and ask me to turn it down, i tell them its already super low but my mom complains that she can hear the special effects noises. a few minutes pass and they come back into my room and ask me if I’m hearing this noise, they tell me to mute the tv.

After a few seconds, I hear this noise that I really cant describe. It was the sound of something passing over the house repeatedly, making this grinding, screeching sound. It continued for several minutes but was absolutely horrifying.

Second incident was at the same house. My dad and I were on the dock fishing (house is on an inlet of the Chesapeake bay) at dusk. We here this noise that sounds like bottle rockets shooting over our heads at about 50-75 feet. Were just looking up hearing this noise but absolutely nothing to be seen.

— freelance_shill

20. What the hell was that??

When I was about 17 I was round a friends house, it was about midnight and we went outside for a cigarette. While outside we were hearing this strange noise coming from behind a row of bushes, we just passed it off as a rabbit or a fox or something in the garden as his house backed onto a field. (I’m from the UK so there aren’t any other strange creatures lurking in the night here, just rodents or foxes really)

The noise got slightly louder so we walked about 5 meters to our left and looked behind the hedge. About 10 meters or so in front of us this is where we saw this small white creature or thing standing on two legs (id say about knee night) motionless, looking right as us. As mentioned it was pitch black at the time so we only saw this white silluette with dots for eyes. After about 30 seconds this creature thing or whatever it was slowly (I mean very slowly like 10 seconds or so) turned around then walked on two legs away from us back into the bushes. When inside the bushes we heard what sounded like a dog growling (a deep growl) we got really freaked out and ran inside to lock the door.

After telling the rest of our friends inside about it they all thought it was a rabbit due to its colour, height and the fact that it was standing on two legs. ( as sometimes rabbits do that when they are looking out for danger). But as I said this thing turned around and WALKED. If it was a rabbit surely it would have seen us and instantly bolted back into the bushes. Still gives me chills thinking about it especially when I go round my friends house where it happened.

— Jewpacarbra

21. Weird things happened in my apartment

Heard a sound like someone whistling in the corner of my bedroom in an old apartment in an old area of town. The apartment had bars on the windows, so no chance for me to escape in a fire, but equally tough for someone to get in.

Now I’m creeped the fuck out wondering if a prior resident still had a key.

Regardless, my bedroom in that apartment was pitch black. Previous residents had dark blue curtains over the windows, which I never did anything about since they were great at keeping the outside lights completely out, including the sun.

One night, I was close to falling asleep and felt something sit down on the corner of my bed. I kicked my foot in that direction and kicked, what felt like, someone. I was frozen all night. I couldn’t turn on the light, since I had the ceiling fan on, which meant I’d have to swing my arms around trying to grasp for the light string, which I was not about to fucking do. Instead, I remained frozen until around 7 in the morning when I finally got the courage to open the curtains.

When taking a shower, the lights would turn off. The switches were those old ones with the heavy click.

Not every morning, but occasionally, the cabinets and drawers would be open. Sometimes their contents would be in random locations. I found the entire contents of the flatware drawer in the spare bedroom.

I used to watch Ghost Hunters when there was nothing else on, so I decided to try something I saw on the show. I mean, why not? Couldn’t hurt except to look like a fool if the landlord had hidden cameras and microphones in the vents. I walked around the apartment saying, “You’re not welcomed here. This is my home now. You’re not welcomed here.” All the craziness just went away on its own.

I’m not one to believe in the paranormal, I was highly skeptical about Ghost Hunters, and since it was a Sci-fi show, I just assumed it was all staged anyway, but that apartment had me questioning shit. If anything, it was certainly “what the fuck”.

— Soleil_Noir

22. Saved by zoning out

Was about 17 and learning to drive. Mom and I had just been to the grocery and running a few errands. It was almost dark out and we were heading home. Was first in line at a left-turn stoplight in a large intersection. The turn arrow light turned green, and I just sat there. It was a very odd sensation… I knew the light was green and needed to pull through, but couldn’t. It was like all motivation to move was gone… almost like when you’re staring off into space, but I was fully conscious that the light had changed and turning was what I was supposed to be doing. Mom didn’t say a word either, just stared at the light. About 5 seconds later, a full size Suburban came barreling through the red light. The speed limit on the road was 45, but he had to have been doing 65-75. The car shook hard when he passed us. After he ran the light, I turned like normal and mom and I both kind of “woke up.”

Afterward, we both described the same feeling coming over us at the light. If we hadn’t both been tranced-out or what have you, the Suburban would have struck us broadside. A Suburban vs a Saturn at 60-70 mph wouldn’t have been pretty. Mom would have probably been killed on impact, and I highly doubt I would have survived as well.

We still talk about it every now and then. Just a weird experience.

lebowskiachiever12 Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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