How Wendy’s Responded To A Dumbass Hater On Twitter Is 100% Savage

Flickr / Marcin Wichary and Twitter / Wendy's
Flickr / Marcin Wichary and Twitter / Wendy’s

Okay, so we all know fast food isn’t the best. Like it all kinda sucks (and slowly kills us) but we eat it because it’s convenient. And I have to say, Wendy’s is probably one of the better ones.

But someone doesn’t agree. And unfortunately for him, “Thuggy-D” decided to express his opinion, at Wendy’s on Twitter.

Here’s what happened: Wendy’s posted a status bragging about their “never frozen beef.” Ya know, typical brand stuff. Then Thuggy-D decides to reply.

via Twitter
via Twitter

At first Wendy’s replies super kindly, because ya know, brands try to be nice to potential customers — especially on social media where everyone can see.

But then this dude started escalating — and fast.

via Twitter
via Twitter

“Where do you store cold things that aren’t frozen.”


But wait, Thuggy-D isn’t done yet!

via Twitter
via Twitter

Thuggy decides to go for the low blow, trying to bring McDonalds’ all-day breakfast into the equation. But Wendy’s isn’t going to let him play that card lightly.

A+ job Wendy’s. I might buy an extra frosty this week to commemorate your total domination over Thuggy-D on Twitter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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