7 Creepy Stories Of True Evil On The Internet That’ll Scare The Shit Out Of You

1. Demon YouTube channel that the moderators couldn’t fully get rid of

So the story goes, in the early days of YouTube there was a channel called “666” that uploaded a high quantity of deeply disturbing videos. These videos showed people being tortured, murdered, and a number of other sickening things. YouTube moderators tried to shut the channel down, but they could never completely get rid of it…

YouTube is a remembered piece of history. Back then in 2006, not much was known and all that you can see in the community were just people uploading cat videos. But one particular user has caused enough controversy to be called. The channel, had posted a ton of gore porn and blood fetish that the user was recently removed for playing with the TOS. But, it can still be accessed.

One day, a person on YouTube has posted their experience with the channel from a defunct blogging website.

“I worked for Youtube during 2006. I was a busy worker, and I recently upload videos here. What I didn’t know that some of the YouTube moderators suspended a Youtube account. I told them what it was, but they wouldn’t want me to.

I was wondering why I wasn’t allowed to go on that page, rather then what it was. But just then, one of the moderators handed me a piece of paper with a writing on it. It was a link. He pleaded me not to ask us about the secret username ever again. The link was a Youtube user link. It said, ‘www.youtube.com/666.’ I went home after work, and typed it on my computer. I found out that the account was suspended, so it’s no worry.

But, when I refreshed the pages several times, some things changed. All of the video tags turned into the letters “X 666″ and every single text in the screen said ‘666.’ I thought someone was hacking my computer, but I denied it and then refreshed it.

Just then, a channel popped up. It was 666’s channel. I looked at some of the videos, most of them were crazy. One video contained four babies twisting their head. Another video showed swirled graphics.

I decided to get off the video and went to another one, but a blank pop up was shown. I clicked the blank button, and it took me to another video by 666.

The video was shown a women drowning in a blood pool and disgusting things happening. I thought this was disgusting, so I decided to pause the video. It didn’t let me, because it wasn’t responding. I decided then to close Internet Explorer, but it wouldn’t budge. I also tried to go to another video too, but it didn’t work either. I thought there was no way out until I thought…

‘The shut down button! Of course!’ I decided to shut down my computer so that the virus wouldn’t get through my computer again, but the button wouldn’t work. Shut down buttons respond all the time! I knew that I was hacked.

All hope was lost. I couldn’t get out of Explorer, and the video kept going on and on. And there was nothing to stop me. The girl in the video kept starring at me, looking at me with random sounds and beatings playing.

Just then, the woman from the video’s hand popped out of the video, and crashed my Internet Explorer.

After a few days, I was recently fired after going through that horrid experience with 666’s channel. That’s when I thought of this: ‘Could this actually been made by the devil? Was it a joke to scare YouTubers?’ Either way, this myth was very mysterious. I haven’t gone through sleep after watching those videos. I wonder who made them…”

This blogspot was then defunct after 2 days when the blog was done. When anyone enters the blog, a message would pop up saying “Removed by Admin. Error Code: 666.” The blogger has sented me his experience by email, asking me to post this on this website. He also left a note.


I hope no one has ever tried this…


2. Choke.exe — The computer file you never want to find

DrayMD via Wikia
DrayMD via Wikia

This spooky story follows a young man who’s father just killed himself. His father left him everything, but when he goes to check out the house, he finds much more than he’d ever want to.

Making my way over to this mysterious door, I made sure to be quiet. Again, don’t ask me why. I just felt like I’d be disturbing something if I made noise. I bit my lower lip, placing my hand on the knob. I was trembling in anticipation. I closed my eyes, counted down from three, and quickly opened the closet…

Coats. Lots of coats. Some pants, and shoes too, if that’s what you’re into. It was an ordinary walk-in closet. I took a sigh, relieved, but secretly disappointed.. until I saw it. Something shiny on the floor. Kneeling down, I moved a few shoeboxes out of the way. It was a brass handle, bolted to the ground. I had also noticed a crease in the carpeted floor. It was a small hatch, leading into the basement. My heart raced. What could be down there?

My lust for adventure had gotten the better of me. Without thinking, I grabbed the brass handle and flung the hatch open. I peered inside. It was dark. All of my instincts went against what I was about to do, but I completely ignored them.

I jumped down. (READ FROM START)

As it turns out, what he finds in that secret basement makes him never want to go back.


3. Want to stay awake forever? (you don’t)

Lemniscate64 via Wikia
Lemniscate64 via Wikia

Reed Murdock moves out of his parent’s house and into a shitty little apartment. He makes money online, and he writes about his day-to-day life on an internet blog. Everything is going pretty normal, until he is invited to an exclusive website that promises to “change his life forever.”

November 6th, 2014

Over the past week I’ve been taking one of these pills at exactly 10:00 PM each night. I planned on stopping the pills tonight, but around 10:30 I started getting this horrible headache, and it got progressively worse. I was thinking maybe it was just me adjusting to suddenly going off Necrosleep, so I waited another hour, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I took another pill.

I know I could quit if I wanted to, but I’m starting to think there’s no reason to. I mean, I don’t have to sleep anymore, I’ve been feeling energized, I should just man up and stop being irrational.



November 26th, 2014

Twig is in heaven now. I had to do it. I had to know what it tasted like. It was satisfying, but I need more. I thought I’d never leave this room again, but I don’t have a choice anymore. I need more of it. The face is getting angry. The voices are getting angry. My head hurts so bad. I need more. It hurts so much. I need more. They’re hurting me. I need to feed them more. They need more. I need more. I have to make it stop. I need more I NEED MORE.




Police still have not found Reed Murdock to this day.


4. Live AIM chat as someone breaks in

Flickr / Brendan Dolan-Gavitt
Flickr / Brendan Dolan-Gavitt

Annie96 is chatting on AIM with her friend David when she notices someone — or something staring at her from the garden. Annie keeps chatting with David as the thing (which looks kinda like him) breaks in, and gets closer and closer.

annie96: shit i think i heard footsteps on the gravel outside

mcdavey: Get your crazy dad to check it out :p

annie96: i’m home alone! the fam are on holiday remember? i told you this!

mcdavey: Really? Till when? We should hang out :D

annie96: they really sound like footsteps but theres something odd about them.. i should look out the window but my bed is so warm!

mcdavey: Sure you wanna look out the window when you’re alone? What if there really is someone there in your garden, looking up at you? :p


mcdavey: wow chill.. I’m sure it’s nothing

annie96: gonna check brb

mcdavey: if there’s something strange in your neighborhood

mcdavey: Who ya gonna call?

annie96: David theres someone in the garden!!!

mcdavey: What really?

annie96: YES, i can see a mans back…

mcdavey: What’s he doing?

annie96: he’s looking for something? on his hands and knees in the bushes…

mcdavey: haha he must be high.. probably looking for his drugs :p

annie96: david this is serious! what should i do??

mcdavey: nothing? He’ll probably go away by himself :)

annie96: omg now he’s digging with his bare hands.. he’s ruining the garden!

annie96: shit hes turning around

mcdavey: What does he look like?


mcdavey: What??


mcdavey: what are you talking about??

annie96: i can see you! in my garden! how are you writing here wihtout touching your phone? look up! i’m by the window can’t you hear me banging on it? (READ FROM START)

The chat keeps going until David realizes he might have some connection to the mysterious intruder after all…


5. You don’t want to see what’s on this CD-ROM

Mr.Pasta.98 via Wikia
Mr.Pasta.98 via Wikia

Jake’s friend committed suicide and left him in his will. What did Jake get? A ancient CD-ROM and a computer to put it in. What happens next is digitally demonic:

My friend committed suicide last week. I was in his will. But, the only thing that he left me was his computer, and an address. Well, I hadn’t been on his computer yet, so I decided to Google Maps the address.

The address was 2462 West Harper Road, Billerica, MA. Anyways, I followed the address, figuring it was going to be a storage unit of some sort, containing stuff that he wanted to give to me. Oh, how wrong I was. As I approached the address. I learned that it was a video store. This slightly perplexed me, considering my friend didn’t like movies that much.

So, I went inside, and no one was there. The entire store was dark, except for a few lights in the back, and over the counter. There was no one in the store, or at the counter.

The store was completely empty, and it had somewhat of a eerie feeling to it. I could have sworn that I heard someone whisper, “Stop here.” but I shrugged it off.

There was a single cardboard box on the counter, with scratch marks on it, and the word “Jake.” on it. This is my name, of course, so I decided to grab the box and get the hell out of there, because there was something wrong about the place. So, I got back to his home, and opened the box. It was a single cd, with, “Play me.” written on it.

I decided, screw it, what is there to lose, so I hooked up his computer at his house and entered the disc. It ran through a few menus and replaced his desktop with a photo of a painting of an elderly lady, with eyes black as night. (READ FROM START)

Something tells me that whatever is on that CD, it wasn’t coded by humans.


6. My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me on Facebook

Deathknight3000 via Wikia
Deathknight3000 via Wikia

Nathan’s girlfriend died in a car crash 13 months ago, but for some reason, her Facebook account has started to send him messages again. Mostly nonsensical, but occasionally telling, Nathan becomes more and more convinced that it might be Emily — or some supernatural force — that keep harassing him.

Around February 2014, Emily started tagging herself in my photos. I would get notifications for them, but they’d normally be removed by the time I got to the picture. The first time I actually caught one, it felt like someone had punched me in the gut. ‘She’ would tag herself in spaces where it was plausable for her to be, or where she’d usually hang out. I’ve got screenshots of 2 (from April and June; these are the only ones I’ve been able to catch, so they’re a little out of the timeline I’m trying to write out.)

Around this time, I began to lose sleep. I was too angry to sleep.

She would tag herself in random photos every couple of weeks. The friends who noticed it thought it was some fucked up bug; I found out recently that there have been friends who have noticed and didn’t say anything about it. Some of them even removed me from their Facebook friends list. (READ FROM START)

Things just keep getting worse and worse until Emily sends Nathan a picture. Of him.


7. Normal Porn For Normal People?


A man got an email inviting him to check out this new porn website that claims to be “normal porn for normal people.” Most videos on the site seemed bizarre, but totally non-sexual. But then one video showed something so horrifying nobody could believe it was online.

In this eighteen-minute video, a blonde woman from one of the previous interview videos is tied down to a mattress in the interview room. She attempts to scream but her mouth is taped over. After seven minutes, a man in a black suit and mask opens the door, but he does not enter.

He holds the door open for the animal that was running in the hall in the previous video. It’s revealed to be an adult chimpanzee, its hair shaved and its entire body painted red. It seemed to be starved and abused, with several wounds along its shoulders and back.

When the chimp enters the room, the masked man closes the door behind it. The chimpanzee sniffs the air for a moment (it may have been blind), and notices the woman tied to the mattress. It goes into a frenzy, and begins to maul her.

The assault goes on for a grueling seven minutes, until the woman finally dies. The chimp eats flesh from her corpse for four minutes as the video ends. (READ FROM START)

The website is now only sporadically online, and any references to it are quickly scrubbed from discussion forums and search engines. Nobody has ever figured out who the woman was, or who ran the website. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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