This Viral Instagram Account Is Cataloging Texts From The Worst Neighbors Ever And It’s Hilarious


We’ve all had terrible neighbors. But have we had neighbors as terrible as these?

Neighbors From Hell is a viral Instagram account that dedicates itself to cataloging text conversations innocent, well-meaning people have had with the most annoying, least pleasant, and truly terrible neighbors of the world.

Like these parents who are loath to take any responsibility for their awful kid:

Or this dude who tried to rope his neighbor into an unwanted threesome:

Like, this neighbor STOLE food from someone. Who the f*ck does that??

Both of these neighbors seem like pretty unpleasant people who shouldn’t reproduce:

What about these neighbors who CLEARLY don’t have any problems in their relationship…?

What is going on in this convo??

The petty revenge dynamic between these two neighbors is very, very real:

No forgiveness for this guy:

Neighbor denies accusation of being a piss-poor pet owner. The jury is still out…

“Yes I was listening, and I was laughing…”

“Why are you such a dick BRIAN??”

Oh my god, this is almost too petty to handle:

She’s called “Sasha Psycho” for a reason…

This is a surprisingly logical conversation about the phrase “Fuck me in the asshole!”


“My work is done.”

Be thankful you don’t have neighbors like these. Or maybe you do? Share in the comments! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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