This Funny Tweet About Tonight’s Debate Is Going Viral Because It’s Hilarious

Ya know how Donald Trump denies everything? Like even when confronted with indisputable, video evidence of said thing?

Ya know how Donald Trump had some really messed up poses during the second Presidential Debate tonight? Like when he stalked Hillary around the stage?

What if we could combine both of these facts into a perfectly hilarious tweet? Well, I’m not that funny, but somebody else out there is.

Over 12,000 people have retweeted this. And of course they did — it has everything. Donald Trump’s quasi-orgasmic desire to deny anything that’s obvious. Trump’s bizarre debate poses. Even some salacious sex. So awesome. So great.

So, yes, weep for our nation tonight. But rejoice for this tweet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Conflict of Interest Declaration: I once had coffee with the man who made this tweet.


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