Nobody Can Figure Out Why This Michigan Couple Suddenly Dropped Dead Right Before Eating Dinner

Flickr / IrishroverBT5
Flickr / IrishroverBT5

Cameron and Courtney Hulet were about to eat dinner when they mysteriously both died — and absolutely nobody knows why.

On Tuesday morning, a neighbor became curious when they saw the Hulet’s apartment door cracked up. According to WTVG, the neighbor walked into the Hulet apartment to investigate when he heard a moan and immediately left.

And then yesterday, it was the same neighbor who found Cameron and Courtney Hulet dead in their living room. Both had mysteriously died right before eating dinner. The neighbor allegedly checked back in on the Hulet’s after not seeing them leave the apartment all day.

Autopsies have been completed by police, but they have yielded no clues on why the couple died. There are only a few clues as to the cause of their death:

Police say they found a pound of marijuana on the kitchen table near the bodies. Investigators didn’t find any signs of trauma or forced entry to the apartment. Police were called to the scene by a neighbor, who initially thought they had fallen asleep. (Detroit Free Press)

Todd Opperman, local police chief, also said that children had been recently removed from the couple’s custody. Many people suspect that drugs were involved, however, overdosing on marijuana is extremely difficult — you would make to smoke roughly 1,500 pounds within 15 minutes.

Perhaps it was a drug deal gone wrong? Perhaps the neighbor is involved in some way? Or is it a freak medical incident? As of right now, nobody has any idea. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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