Here's The Creepiest Wikipedia Article From Every State
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Here’s The Creepiest Wikipedia Article From Every State


The Bunny Man

Source: Weird US

As if the image wasn’t creepy enough, the “Bunny Man” is said to harass people at Virginia’s Colchester Overpass. People have said to find dead rabbit carcasses around the bridge, and sightings of the Bunny Man peak around Halloween. Rumor says that the Bunny Man is an inmate who escaped when an asylum was transferring patients via bus.


In 1904, an asylum prison in Clifton, Virginia was shut down by successful petition of the growing population of residents in Fairfax County. During the transfer of inmates to a new facility, one of the fifteen transports crashed; most, including the driver, were killed, ten escaped. A search party found all but one of them.

During this time, locals allegedly began to find hundreds of cleanly skinned, half-eaten carcasses of rabbits hanging from the trees in the surrounding areas. Another search of the area was ordered, and the police located the remains of Marcus Wallster, left in a similar fashion to the rabbit carcasses hanging in a nearby tree or under a bridge overpass—also known as the “Bunny Man Bridge” (KEEP READING)


D. B. Cooper


A man under the alias “Don Cooper” (reported as D.B. Cooper) took a plane hostage in exchange for ransom money. When he got his cash, he parachuted out of the plane and was never seen again. While authorities *think* he died, the money given to him has been found in circulation, and no body was ever found.


Flight 305, approximately one-third full, took off on schedule at 2:50 pm, local time (PST). Cooper passed a note to Florence Schaffner, the flight attendant situated nearest to him in a jump seat attached to the aft stair door. Schaffner, assuming the note contained a lonely businessman’s phone number, dropped it unopened into her purse. Cooper leaned toward her and whispered, “Miss, you’d better look at that note. I have a bomb. (KEEP READING)

West Virginia

Sodder children disappearance


On Christmas Eve, a fire engulfed the Sodder family home. Firefighters managed to rescue the parents and four of their children. However, five were still missing.

The bodies of the missing five were never recovered, and the Sodder family remained convinced that they were alive.


The telephone rang at 12:30 a.m. Jennie woke and went downstairs to answer it. It was a woman whose voice she did not recognize, asking for a name she was not familiar with, with the sound of laughter and clinking glasses in the background. She told the caller she had reached a wrong number, later recalling the woman’s “weird laugh”. She hung up and returned to bed.

At 1:00 a.m. Jennie was again awakened by a sound of an object hitting the house’s roof with a loud bang, then a rolling noise. After hearing nothing further, she went back to sleep. After another half hour she woke up again, smelling smoke. When she got up again she found that the room George used for his office was on fire, around the telephone line and fuse box. She woke him and he in turn woke his older sons. (KEEP READING)


Boy Scout Lane


Legend of the road states that a local Scoutmaster took his Boy Scout troop on a hike down the path, and then murdered them all. Many ghostly sightings and experiences have been cited on or near the road.


Other variations of the story exist including one in which the Scouts are killed after their bus crashes or accidentally catches fire. There is also a version in which the Scouts vanish without explanation and are never found. In some versions of the legend, two Boy Scouts escaped the fate of the rest of the troop and tried to find help, only to become lost in the woods where they die of starvation and/or exposure. In most variations of the legend it is said that the dead Scouts haunt the forest where they died and can be heard hiking through the undergrowth, or their lights can be seen at night as they seek help or their fellow Scouts. (KEEP READING)


Lil’ Miss murder


Lisa Marie Kimmell was traveling through the state of Wyoming when she mysteriously went missing. Police records showed that she had gotten a ticket in Douglas, Wyoming while en route — proving she had been there at some point. Eventually, it was DNA that solved this creepy road murder case.


Lisa’s murder may have been part of a pattern of serial murders, known as the Great Basin Murders, which took place between 1983 and 1996.[3] Most of the victims were young women who initially disappeared, only to be later found murdered. Because her body was located in a popular fishing spot (creating a public spectacle) and that her car was buried on his property (kept as a trophy) it is believed that Eaton exhibited some of the tell-tale signs of being a serial killer (KEEP READING). TC mark


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