24 Fast Food Workers Share The Most Annoying Thing A Customer Has Ever Done To Them

Flickr / Mike Mozart
Flickr / Mike Mozart

1. No good deed goes unpunished

A man once filed a complaint against me because after pulling out every coin in his wallet he was still 10 cents short of his total. I personally spotted him the change to be nice and the next day he came in tell my manager about how I (“that fucker”) had “embarrassed” him and “held up the line,” (which consisted of two people who weren’t even ready to pay yet). The one thing I’ll never understand is, if he was so embarrassed why didn’t he pull out that dollar bill he had in his wallet.

— noneOclock

2. Bad water

I was a server and had a lady get mad because she had asked for ice water but after sitting at the table for 45 minutes decided the water was “too watered down” cause all the ice had melted.

— Sometimes_Sketches

3. Ice is too cold

“Sorry sir but my Iced coffee is too cold”

— Masterchrono

4. Not the right knife

I saw a woman flip out at BK because she wanted a knife with her burger…so they gave her a plastic knife (also known as the only knife fast food places have). She wanted a real metal steak knife or something and lost her shit. Threw her food and drink at the employees behind the counter while screaming, pushed her way through people to leave the building…got in her car, tried to peel out, lost control and smashed into a cop car that was pulling into the drive through.

— SlothOfDoom

5. Just realized I didn’t like it!!!! LOL

“I didn’t like this milkshake that I finished. Give me a new one for free.”

— 4609203

6. What color is it supposed to be??

I served Chinese food at a grocery store, and had a customer complain about the orange chicken because it wasn’t orange on the inside.

— mkhockeygeek

7. Wut?

A guy came into Dairy Queen, ordered a cheeseburger and an ice cream and sat down. When the server brought him his order he started yelling and berating them saying that he couldn’t eat it because he was lactose intolerant.

— BouchTickiTicki

8. Sorry?

“You guys finished that too fast.” I wanted to go make a phone call and now I cant because my food will be cold!” Sorry?

— rustyshackleford239

9. Subway problems

“YOU SMASHED MY AVOCADO CLOSING MY SANDWICH I DON’T WANT IT MUSHY, I WANT A NEW ONE WITHOUT AVOCADO”. Another, Made 5 sandwiches for this dildo and then he didn’t wanna pay for them anymore because the tax was like 1.19 and said he shouldn’t be charged tax. “Why isn’t everything 5 dollars??”

Lady came in: “My bread was hard when U tried eating it this morning!” okay may I have the receipt? This fuck bought this sandwich three days prior.

— YouNerdAssRetard

10. Y did u let me order food i don’t like??

Had a customer say his fried fish was shitty, asked what made it taste bad and his reply was “I don’t fucking like fish you imbecile”

Then why the did you order it, you fuck wit.

— Piazzaman4

11. Literally makes no sense

Had a woman come in and order a burger, fries, and coke. Back in my day if you wrung those up separately, it’d come out a bit more than if you just wrung in the combo meal. So being the friendly guy I am, I put in an order for a combo meal.

She argued with me that she didn’t want a combo meal, she didn’t order a combo meal, and she wasn’t going to accept a combo meal. It didn’t matter that I was saving her money.

I canceled out the order, put it in the way she wanted, and told her the new total. She then bitched about how much it was costing her.

— mysterious_baker


When I worked at McDonald’s, a 4 piece nugget was $1, and a 6 piece was like $3.2. If someone ordered 2 6 piece nuggets, I would often tell them that they would save $3 by ordering 3 4 piece nuggets. Some people would actually get upset by this. I found it to be pretty common that people would just assume that you were stupid because you work fast food. They would insist that you don’t know what you’re talking about, and to just give them what they ordered.

— Hithenameisbj

13. I did it. It was me.

I worked at Arbys. Customer complained that I had raised the prices. Me. The 17 year old cashier. I said it wasn’t my doing but he didn’t believe me. I finally told him I would discuss it with Jim Arby (or some other made up name) next time at the country club. He was satisfied.

— SmoSays

14. Refund??

This lady brought in a couple of ketchup packets saying she hadn’t wanted them and could she have a refund.

— SmoSays

15. Fries with that?

8 year old kid came in, slapped a five on the counter and asked for as many fries as $5 would buy. It was a lot of fries. He went out and his mom came in yelling at us for letting her kid buy just fries.

— SmoSays

16. This can’t be real

Dumbass ordered 8 boneless wings with (what the ticket said) a meat lovers pizza. Proceeds to eat a wing in front of me as he checks the pizza and says that can’t be the right order, he doesn’t eat meat.

This guy literally thought boneless somehow meant vegetarian…

— SeanStormEh

17. Brawl over fast food

Used to work at a Chinese takeaway opposite a quiet small town train station. We would often get drunks stopping by before heading home.

We had two drunk young lads come in one evening wanting food to be ready before their next train came (last one that night) in 15 minutes or so. I explicitly explained that we couldn’t guarantee it would be done in time, they decided to risk it and decided to order a fucking banquet!! Their receipt was for £15/20 or so.

They missed their train and then tried to get the owner to front the money to pay for a taxi for the lads to get home because we ‘fucked up their train home’. Boss told them politely to go fuck a fist and one of the lads put a chair through a double glazed window. Police came, lads were carted off and my colleague and I got to split the food between us.

— SuomiBob

18. I’m done.

Many years ago I had a customer at Wendy’s order a “Double with cheese, hold the cheese.” So I said a double burger then. He gets agitated and says “No! I want a double CHEESEBURGER, just don’t put any cheese on it!” Again, young naive me tries to save the dude some money but he gets irate and demands a manager. The conversation repeats. That was the day I learned you can’t fix stupid.

— somewhereinks

19. She deserves a kick in the ass, not a free drink…

I work at Starbucks. The general rule at Starbucks is “Make the moment right!” So basically, if a customer makes enough noise, they will get their drink free. This is almost guaranteed to happen.

Well, a woman comes through my drive thru today and says that she forgot her gift card for Starbucks at the bank. I apologize, and ask her if she had an alternative form of payment.

She absolutely exploded on me, called me a fucking bitch, demanded to see my manager (who was not there). Thing is, I noticed that she had dollar bills with her. Her drink happened to be $5.25, and it was clear she wasn’t going to pay for it by any means.

So, she got her free drink. I’m still steaming.

— Special_Enemy_Temmie

20. “I wish I was making this up”

As a Starbucks barista, I once had a customer throw a fit because I responded to his “thank you” with “you’re welcome.” He started shouting, “Well, of course I’m welcome, I’m the customer! You shouldn’t say you’re welcome because it implies that you don’t have to give me good service!” I wish I was making this up.

— PinkSatanyPanties

21. More Starbucks stories

Once had a lady curse me out in the drive through at 5 am. All because I didn’t know what she meant when she said “I want a starbucks.” (turned out she wanted the starbucks double shot on ice…..)

— Juggling_chef

22. 2 fast 2 handle

At subway a customer complained because we made her sandwich too fast. At a fucking fast food restaurant. I swear you just can’t win with these people.

— nspodfk14

23. Working at Starbucks seems like hell

There was also that dude at Starbucks who expected me to read his mind.

“What can I get for you today?”


“Will that be dark, medium, or blonde roast?”

“Ugh, why do I have to answer so many questions? I just want coffee!”

puts him down for medium (our most popular) “Okay, what size would you like?”


puts him down for a grande

When I hand him his coffee: “THIS IS WRONG, I WANTED A VENTI DARK ROAST!”

And he proceeded to call my manager and tell him about my horrible service.

— PinkSatanyPanties

24. Church lady wants me to read minds

When I was about 16 or 17 I had just started working at a fast food place, and this old “church lady” (my town was small and very religious) comes in and walks up to the counter and is just like, “I’ll have the usual.”

I have no damn idea what that “the usual” is for her, so when I ask her what it is, she begins screaming at me and demands to see my manager. I go get the GM, and listen while this lady screams about how I should be fired for not knowing her order.

The GM, being cool, simply tells the lady that I’m new and she’ll reprimand me. The GM then goes into the back of the store and is like, “I told that crazy bitch I’m punishing you to make her happy. Just stay back here and hang out until she leaves, then start working again.”

— Guywithquestions88 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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