Here’s The Guy Whose *Only* Job Is To Hand Out Condoms At The Olympics

The Olympics have gotten the reputation of being quite a sexed up affair, and the Rio Olympics are looking to be no exception.

The first time condoms usage was tracked for an Olympics was the 1988 athletic gathering in Seoul where 8,800 rubbers were passed out. In the Beijing Olympics eight years ago, 100,000 condoms were passed out, and it looks like Rio will surpass that number by quite a bit.

Condoms are distributed to athletes via green vending machines throughout the Olympian village. However, in a pinch, this guy — a noble hero named Eric — carries around a huge bag of condoms to hand out to anyone who may be in need.

Rodger Sherman — the reporter who revealed the tireless work of this young patriot — said Eric was unable to give an interview because he had to “deliver more condoms.”

Just another case of sexual tension getting in the way of important journalism, I suppose. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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