This Touching Facebook Post Is Going Viral Because It’s Giving People Real Hope For Our Broken World

In the last week the United States has experienced the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police. We have also experienced the deaths of 5 police officers in Dallas at the hands of a sniper.

Our nation has been torn to the seams, with national debates about the role of the police and the Black Lives Matter movement. Some days, it seems like nothing will get better.

But then we have other moments. Smaller moments. Moments that don’t make the front page of newspapers or make breaking news at CNN. Tender moments, not between different groups, but between human beings.

Natasha Howell shares her story:


“Just two people sharing a moment.”

Maybe, as a country we don’t all need to agree. Maybe we just need to share moments. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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