10 True Stories Of Demonic Possession That’ll Make You Believe In Pure Evil

Victoria Zeoli
Victoria Zeoli

1. Boarding school possession

One of my teachers used to work at a boarding school and one night during a school movie night a student left to use the restroom and after a bit of time had gone by my teacher went to check on her to make sure she was okay.. She wasn’t.. She was huddled in the corner of a shower foaming at the mouth with bloodshot eyes. My teacher freaked out and called a couple others over and the chick started spewing out random incoherent things in a really deep voice and stuff. Eventually she snapped out of it and didn’t remember a thing. They went to her dorm room after and I guess she had things like “I <3 Satan” written on her bunk bed and stuff. Pretty creepy.

By “they” going back to the dorm I meant my teacher and the two other supervisors. After this incident the girl left the school.

2. Sacrificed sheep to save family member

I am a 6’2, rather fit man. I practice Aikido and can bench press 240. My father and his brothers are pretty much as tall as I am, maybe less strong due to age although most of them have been in fighting sports for a while. One of my aunts is about 5’4, probably weighs like 110lbs at best. There was this time when she really went plain crazy. She would get INCREDIBLY angry/out of control at random times, spitting nonsense words, and there would be absolutely no way I, or my father, or both of us would be able to get her down. This felt like DBZ Yamcha trying to get Perfect Cell into an UFC submission. She had 10 times my strength. We needed to be 4 to actually pin her down and get her to stop moving until she calms down.

That was extremely scary. She could just pop off anytime and go crazy. Now I didn’t believe in the supernatural, but my grandmother, a rather traditional Moroccan woman, was convinced she was possessed. And… Honestly it really felt like it. For those who don’t know it, Morocco has a pretty big culture about supernatural/sorcery/possessed/exorcism shit. So most of the elders in the family firmly believe in it.

Fast forward a few months later when it was getting way too difficult for us to handle her. My uncle contacted a good friend in Morocco who has an “exorcist” in his family. The exorcist asked us to do one rather twisted thing. He asked my aunt if she could put a drip of her blood in a glass of water, and leave the glass somewhere in the apartment while she’s sleeping (not next to her). We were reluctant but my grandmother forced her to do it. On the morning, the glass was empty. I’m still convinced she probably just woke up at night and drank it, but the exorcist’s version was “she is possessed by a demon (commonly known in the Muslim culture as ‘jnon’ or ‘djinn’), giving him this blood just was a way for you to welcome him and calm him down temporarily, and she needs to see an exorcist asap”.

Now we were getting convinced he was right, seeing her often getting crazier and crazier. In desperate times… Sometimes you just chose to believe to a possible solution. So at this point I decided to believe in what he said and we had to go get a proof that he was right. We live in France, we decided to drive to Morocco (about 1500km driving + a 6-hour boat, + 500km in Morocco again). During the drive I’ve never been as scared as this day. I was sitting down behind, on the right, my father on the left, my aunt between us. She went crazy at some point. We couldn’t really hold her as she was trying to hit my uncle driving. We almost ran into a wall. My father had to – dangerously – choke her until she lost some strength.

Anyway. Here we are in Morocco. Getting to this village named “Sefrou”, known as one of the biggest places in the country were sorcery happens. Rather creepy place. And not in a conventional creepy way. What we know of creepy are just what horror movies picture, the African creepy is on another level. We get to meet this exorcist guy. He asks us to buy a sheep to “sacrifice”, and tells us we should bring him the sheep’s guts back to him for the exorcism to happen. My father and uncle take care of this. Me… I am FUCKING SCARED. As stated earlier I didn’t believe in that shit. I decided to because honestly the situation called it. But at this point, in a freaking spooky village in the middle of Morocco, where we are advised to never eat anything outside or accept anything from strangers who might try to “curse us”, where everything looks twisted af, I was really losing it and couldn’t wait to leave this place for ever.

On the following day we went to the exorcist’s, bringing him these guts. He puts them in a bowl, asks that if we are feeling strong enough we should stay with him as more people would make it easier to “exorcise” my aunt. Well… I really wanted to leave but seeing everybody staying, I stayed as well. My aunt is lying down in front of us, next to the bowl, we are sitting down around her holding hands and the exorcist starts saying stuff I can’t understand (it was traditional Arabic and not a Moroccan dialect). He gets sweaty as he talks faster, I see my aunt twitching in what looked like pain, the light went out (holy shit I think I peed my pants at this moment), the exorcist screams something, my aunt screams as well, then total silence. I think the silence was for about 30 seconds but it felt like HOURS. The exorcist’s assistant then comes in with a lamp and we see that both my aunt and him passed out, the bowl is on the floor and the guts next to it. The guts turned black. I am having goosebumps just writing that and re-picturing that. The assistant urges us not to touch the guts at any cost. Exorcist wakes up, goes put some water on his face, then tells us to follow him. We went to a nearby, empty hill, on top of it, and he asked us to burn the guts right there, as “the demon was now possessing the sheep and we could now get rid of it”. Done.

I have never seen my aunt showing any problem whatsoever since this day. Her crisis periods never happened again, she never went back to this “angry mode” and to this day that honestly still scare the crap out of me. Just seeing her now gives me the chills. And the worst is, her sons love me but I really have trouble staying around her as I am genuinely scared, and they obviously don’t know why.

3. Don’t f*ck around with Ouija boards

When I was 14, me and my best friend at the time got a Ouija table and decided to play with it a bit. We got into a dark room at my place, did light some candles and started the bullshit.

Another friend of ours knocked the door as we tried to ‘contact the spirits’… we let her in and resumed. This third person kept mocking as we tried to get the “supernatural messages”, when, all of a sudden, she passed out.

We thought she was joking; but then she opened her eyes and started to talk with a voice that wasn’t hers. It was damn scary, but we still thought she could be playing with us. Then she laughed (a horrible laughter) and started to retell stories of things that happened to me that I never had said to anyone… and same for my best friend.

Candles started flickering and the flames went a bit too high for my skeptical being not to shiver in spite of myself. My best friend ran out of my place straight to her neighbor, who was a candomblé’s mother-of-saint.

When the woman came to my place and saw our friend, she gasped and told us to help bringing the girl to her place.

We did so, but not before getting some scratches by not allowing her to get undressed in daylight, calling to some men that were looking at us as we marched towards the holy mother’s place. Once there, she locked herself with the girl in a room and told us to wait outside.

I don’t know what happened, but after a couple hours our friend came out… very tired and didn’t remember anything after we let her in and started to play with the Ouija table.

The Mother-of-saint told us off to not to play with what we can’t control and whatnot.

Nowadays I believe this friend got impressed / suggested with the ‘ritual’ and it was all… the only intriguing thing is the fact that she knew all those secret things about me and my best friend… it was scary for two 14 year old girls, that’s forsure.

4. Girl goes through transformation, never seen again.

I have never known what to make of this. The high school I went to was a religious private school. Senior year, it was traditional for the entire senior class to go on a religious retreat up in this remote resort in the mountains with a few teachers. The point of the retreat was to grow closer to each other as a class and also to… find God? Experience spirituality? They took away our phones and forbade us from using any form of the internet or communication with the outside world; then they made us go through a series of soul-baring exercises and speeches and whatnot. Honestly pretty cheesy stuff, not that exciting.

On the third day of the retreat, however, the entire grade is in the main hall doing an “hour of silent prayer” that was pretty much like meditation, but we were supposed to be communicating with God. All of a sudden there’s a huge crash and everyone looks over to see a girl toppled over onto the floor. As everyone stares, she starts writhing around on the ground and screaming, but not screaming in, like, pain… The voice that she was screaming was in a really strange, deep voice and didn’t sound like her at all. Someone yelled, “She’s seizing!” I remember that because there was a girl in our class who was known to have epileptic seizures and would do it in assembly pretty frequently, but it wasn’t the same girl.

Then she stood up and started yelling in “tongues.” Her eyes were rolled up and her head kept twitching back and forth. She started to run all around the room, yelling in an unintelligible gibberish language, and every now and then she would run at the cross in the middle of the room and then run back, screaming and crying.

At first I honestly thought this was a dumb high school prank to freak everyone out, but if that was what it was, she took it way too far. The teachers tried to calm her down but she just kept screaming in this weird language. She started pulling on her hair so one of the teachers called an ambulance but we all knew it would take a while for them to get to this remote retreat. Another teacher tried to take her by the shoulders and she dug her nails into his arm really hard and just kept screaming. It took several more minutes to calm her down (the teachers actually evacuated us from the room) and then she just…went quiet.

They took that girl away that night (though I don’t know how, we were all kept in the cafeteria after that) and she never came back to school after the retreat was over. I wasn’t friends with her friends so I don’t know if they knew what really happened… Probably expelled for her “prank.” But maybe not! It went on way too long and convincingly for me to really tell myself that she’d fuck around in front of all the teachers like that. It was insane. I don’t know. None of the teachers were ever allowed to talk about it when we asked, afterward. But that’s the story!

5. Evil spirit needed to GTFO

So my friend is Mexican, just like me, so our families believe a lot of crazy shit. Well, my friend’s mom believed that someone had put a curse on her, seeing as how so many weird and unfortunate things had been happening to her lately. Also, her rapidly decreasing health. Since back in her village you’d hire a curandero or brujo for this stuff, she searched around and finally found a reputable one. Well he paid her a house visit and turns out that she had been cursed, according to him, a jealous ex-lover of her husband had put a pretty wicked one on her, he even said that she was lucky to still be walking.

Anyway, he said he was going to perform a ritual that night on her in order to dispel the evil, but she had to completely relax and close her eyes, because he was going to summon a great spirit who was not supposed to be seen by humans or something like that. Anyway the brujo goes an does all his business while her daughter (my friend) is there for support. Well the brujo starts chanting and the room she tells, became very heavy and loud, gradually then building up. She couldn’t see anything because her eyes were obviously closed, but she felt a presence in the room. Then she heard growling and howling and all sort of animalistic noises. Anyway, the brujo said he had found a willing wolf spirit to trace and get rid of the curse. My friend told me she pretty much shat herself hoping for it to be over. After a few hours the noises finally stopped and the room felt light again. Then man then said that the spirit had done it’s job and that her mom was good to go. Which she did, which blew my mind since the next day she was healthy as an ox. Still gives me chills thinking about it.

6. Maid from hell?

Yes. One of our live-in housekeepers / maids experienced a “demonic possession”. I was one of the first to discover her. She was shouting obscenities (religious ones) while contorting her body as if she had a seizure. Nothing odd or unnaturally flexible, just thrusting her torso and legs up and down on the bed. She was on the verge of really hurting herself. My first thought was “HOLY SHIT. SHE’S HAVING A SEIZURE.” I tried to get her into a car and to drive her to a hospital but she would not stop spazzing out so we were scared she would hurt herself on the car ride going there. (I’d find out later that real seizures really do not last this long.)

Eventually, we got some neighbours and nearby security guards to pin her down on a mattress for what seemed like an eternity (1-2 hours? She would not stop screaming) until our parents came home. I was crying just from how stressful it was, not knowing what exactly was going on, and if our housekeeper would be alright.

When my parents heard about what was going on (despite being devout Catholics), they were extremely rational and level-headed about it and even said, “We are not calling a priest.”

Eventually, paramedics arrived. The odd (and wasteful) thing about it was that the housekeeper displayed no other signs that constituted that of a medical emergency. Aside from the screaming and spazzing out and possibly hurting herself, she did not vomit, bleed, foam at the mouth. It was only when the paramedics gave her a sedative did she calm down.

And this happened a few more times, and we were all a lot more nonchalant about it knowing that it wasn’t a medical emergency. But we still had to enlist the help of others to pin her down until she’d finally calm down (approx 1-2 hours). It also shook me a lot psychologically, as I was sorta young.

After she was laid off, I found out much later on that whenever she was “possessed”, her relatives would simply hog tie her and tie her to the bed, and she would finally calm down. Apparently (as my sister who majors in Psych suggested), our housekeeper’s tendency to be “possessed” is a way for her to feed off the attention of others while processing internal stress or turmoil that makes it difficult to cope.

7. Freaky stuff in school

Back when I was in high school, we had a yearly confession. While I was going near the chapel, my batchmates were hovering over 2 girls at my school. The other one kept rocking back and forth, murmuring incoherent things and the other one laughed randomly while her bestfriend was hugging and crying, telling her to stop.

There was also one of the girl who was possessed that was brought to the school’s priest. And the creepy thing was that before all of that happened, the class’ school picture fell and had a crack and crack from the glass pass through these 3 girls. Also, earlier on that day one of the possessed girls said that there were a lot of spirits in their classroom. She said she could see them and they don’t look very happy.

8. Creepy figure sulking around

When I was roughly 18, I began seeing a taller male figure roaming my house when I was alone. This was a house I had lived in for several years before this without any previous occurrences (that I can remember). During this time I was experiencing one of my many long stretches with depression. I kept this visitor to myself for a long time, thinking people would ignore me.

Side note : I’m not sure if it’s connected, I believe it to be however, that I did see a figure in a friends house while visiting him for the first time. He told me it was active and often shook the fridge rather hard in the night, but never made any violent attacks.

The first appearance it made in my own home was while I was on the computer in our living room. It casually walked by me, looking like an out of focus picture. I could feel the vibrations from his(?) steps through the floorboards. For a moment I had forgotten I was home alone, and thought it to be my father, however when I turned he was nowhere to be seen.

Many other appearances occurred over my last few months within the house, and I noticed that it was at my lowest points emotionally that they happened.

I have since moved several times and continue to be plagued by nightmares nightly, and I have seen a figure that people feel as “not entirely friendly, we need to get rid of it”. We have had the house cleansed and I have moved again into an apartment complex. I still have nightmares and hear noises.

9. Weird things happening after exploring Brown Mountain

So, my partner and I are very interested in the paranormal. Aliens, ghosts, demons, you name it. We visit paranormal locations, hunt for aliens in places with known activity. We press our luck sometimes..well, I press my luck sometimes. He’s much more selective about the methods he uses to try to communicate, and he doesn’t like to antagonize beings we may be contacting. I…don’t always follow his advice.

Anyway, our recent trip took us to Brown Mountain, NC. It’s fairly active and the Brown Mountain lights have been regularly seen and recorded even, so we figured there was a good chance we’d see some things. We did. I can go into that further, if anyone thinks it’s relevant, but I don’t want to clog this thread up if it’s not. Just ask and I’ll explain everything we saw.

So, we went two nights in a row and since then we’ve felt …followed, might be the best term. Again, we don’t know if it’s what we saw that night or if it’s something we’ve picked up elsewhere. We’re leaning more towards what we saw that night being aliens…some people think aliens and demons are one in the same, others don’t. Maybe they’re not connected.

Either way, one night, I woke up in the middle of the night hearing a tone. It sounded just like those tones that a doctor will play through headphones when checking your hearing. I sat straight up and looked around what appeared to be a fairly empty room, although I felt like someone was in there with me. It was terrifying. I’ve had sleep paralysis and night terrors though, so I chalked it up to something similar.

Well, while still sitting up, my phone caught my attention. It lit up on the nightstand beside me. No notifications though. It wasn’t dying, it wasn’t charging (so the charging cable wouldn’t have been accidentally pulled free or anything). No emails, phone calls, voicemails. Nothing. The backlight lit up and then it went dark. I sat there a few moments longer, and then again, that loud tone. Instantly, I felt like someone was watching me again.

I woke up my partner and asked him to sit up and listen. As he sat up, my phone lit up once more. Now let me be clear, that tone did NOT come from my phone. It’s not a tone I have on my phone, and it was not a notification or anything like that.

That was the first strange night, then last night is what prompted me to put this here.

I fell asleep before my partner and had the most outstanding, vivid dreams of my life. Normally I’ll dream, but these were nonstop. It felt like one dream after another, all in color, all bright, all loud. Nothing scary, really. Just vivid.

Now, like I said, I’ve experienced sleep paralysis a lot. My partner has not. Ever. He doesn’t know much about sleep paralysis, besides me telling him that I’ve always been afraid of it. I’ve not explained the “old hag” to him, even though she’s pretty common among people that experience SP.

So I wake up this morning and start to tell him my brightly colored, loud dreams and he says “Do you remember what you said to me last night?” I had to pause and think. I vaguely remembered waking up but didn’t really remember much of our interaction.

He said he had suddenly been woken out of a fairly deep sleep and he saw something..on me. He said it was a small woman with long dark hair. She was very short, maybe 3 feet tall. He said he sat there for a few moments trying to figure out what he was seeing and then he blinked and tried to shake it off and she was just gone.

Well, okay. Maybe he had a waking nightmare or something, right? It happens all the time. Except when he blinked and she disappeared, I woke up suddenly and turned to him to ask him if he saw “that flash of light”.

He said he just told me “no” and let me go back to sleep, but he had a fairly hard time falling asleep last night. This is after we got home last night and about an hour after retiring upstairs we decided to take a late night walk and came back down stairs to the front door wide open and all locks (chain lock, dead bolt and main lock) unlocked.

10. “His eyes were black”

I do paranormal investigations with a friend and a family member and we’re going to be doing like a ghost hunting show on YouTube that should come out in May of 2015 and personally, no I’ve never seen someone possessed but I know someone who has.

My cousin’s friend (We’ll call Bob) was with a friend one night and Bob’s friend was freaking out saying they had a demon living in their house. Bob noticed their friend’s eyes were black, not the white parts of their eyes but like, the color part of their eyes were black. They had a really light green color of eyes and Bob started freaking out and telling him this and his friend started talking in a different voice, a different language with a good accent too. It was an English accent I believe and they weren’t English. Then the voice got all crackly and shit so Bob sprinted home and hid there for the rest of the night.

Days later, Bob found out his friend had consulted with a priest and they needed an exorcism. Although I don’t know if this is entirely true (as I wasn’t there) Bob was really freaking out and scared when telling me the story. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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