10 True Stories Of Demonic Possession That’ll Make You Believe In Pure Evil

Victoria Zeoli
Victoria Zeoli

1. Boarding school possession

One of my teachers used to work at a boarding school and one night during a school movie night a student left to use the restroom and after a bit of time had gone by my teacher went to check on her to make sure she was okay.. She wasn’t.. She was huddled in the corner of a shower foaming at the mouth with bloodshot eyes. My teacher freaked out and called a couple others over and the chick started spewing out random incoherent things in a really deep voice and stuff. Eventually she snapped out of it and didn’t remember a thing. They went to her dorm room after and I guess she had things like “I <3 Satan” written on her bunk bed and stuff. Pretty creepy.

By “they” going back to the dorm I meant my teacher and the two other supervisors. After this incident the girl left the school.


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