You Have To Read These Bizarre (And TBH Creepy) Texts From A Girl Who Hypocritically Believed Her Date ‘Owed Her’ Sex

All across the nation there has been a blossoming movement to recognize that people have the right to say “no” to sex. And it’s a great thing. There is nothing you wear, or do, or say, besides “yes” (or an equivalent) that “locks you into” having sex. You can withdraw consent at any time. It is how it should be.

But this homegirl, apparently thinks that this applies only to women. Saying “no means no when I say it,” but downplaying a guy’s right to say “no” when he just isn’t feeling it. And while, yes, it is “typically” the guy who is pursuing sex, and the girl who is withholding consent, that isn’t always true — as this convo demonstrates

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There’s always an example that runs contrary to the stereotype. No means no. From anyone. Period. TC mark

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    Is this real or made up?

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    Man, this chick is crazy! I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years, and we say ‘no’ to each other for sex sometimes. It is kind of a let down for the opposite party, but under no circumstances do we require reasons or make each other feel bad with insults. That is just wrong! Sexual relationships, and relationships in general, require a balance and equality. The rules that apply to one should apply to the other. Men aren’t just conveniently placed for women to have sex with whenever they want, they can decide for themselves if sex is what they want. This lady seriously needs to consider that, or buy a vibrator that will be available whenever she wants it!

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