Here Is The Scariest Urban Legend From Every State

New Mexico — Chupacabra

Flickr / Michael Gras, M.Ed.
Flickr / Michael Gras, M.Ed.

Not an animal you want as a pet. So they say, the Chupacabra is a vicious beast that feeds on goats and other animals. Reports initially came from Puerto Rico and Mexico, but the nasty creature apparently visited the United States too, with reports of vicious attacks all across New Mexico.

New York — The Rake

Creepy Pasta / Ca1lM3Shaun
Creepy Pasta / Ca1lM3Shaun

Starting in the early 2000s, a number of bizarre stories began to surface about a creature nobody had ever seen before. It is said to resemble Gollum (from Lord of the Rings) and induce their prey to feel, extreme, or even violent, emotions. Anyone who looks the Rake in the eye becomes its victim, oftentimes a very drawn-out and emotionally turbulent slog to death.

Allegedly, there is even evidence of people’s encounter with the Rake. Here is a “suicide note” from someone who is said to be a victim of its odious stalking:

“As I prepare to take my life, I feel it necessary to assuage any guilt or pain I have introduced through this act. It is not the fault of anyone other than him. For once I awoke and felt his presence. And once I awoke and saw his form. Once again I awoke and heard his voice, and looked into his eyes. I cannot sleep without fear of what I might next awake to experience. I cannot ever wake. Goodbye.” (Source)

North Carolina — The Beast of Bladenboro

Youtube The Beast Of Bladenboro
Youtube / The Beast Of Bladenboro

Stories of the beast first arose in the 1950s, where a number of livestock animals were found with their jaws broken and blood completely drained. Witnesses claimed to see some sort of “wolf” or “giant cat” preening over the animals and draining them of their blood. The town began to arrange for group hunts to kill the animal, but the attacks suddenly stopped.

Then in 2006, it all started again. The attacks got so much attention, the History Channel sent in a team from Monsters Quest to try to figure it out. They concluded the attacker *might* be a cougar. Or might not…

North Dakota — UFO Invasion?

Project Blue Book via
Project Blue Book via

In the summer of 1966 there was a huge influx of UFO sightings in northern United States, particularly in North Dakota. While, typically, these sightings can be explained by clouds or aircraft, subjects drew sketches of objects that did not appear…Earth-like?

Project Blue Book via
Project Blue Book via

While the government tried to claim that rockets had launched in August — the month at the epicenter of these claims — there still seems to be lingering questions about whether these “rockets” and their exhaust trail can explain these eerie sightings.

Ohio — Satan’s Hollow

Youtube / "Believe" A Paranormal Experience
Youtube / “Believe” A Paranormal Experience

Allegedly a portal to hell, Satan’s Hollow is one of the most mysterious and disturbing legends I’ve ever come across. Part of an old sewer system, the tunnels are said to be haunted by a “shadowman,” and other angry spirits.

According to popular belief, satanists used to use the tunnel system as their headquarters, and that somewhere inside the maze of sewers is the “alter room” where they had ceremonies and sacrifices; culminating in a human sacrifice that they made in order to summon Satan himself. Some say they were successful.

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