26 Tweets From Rapper B.o.B. That Prove (In His Mind) That The Earth Is Actually Flat

Wikimedia / Dominick Brady
Wikimedia / Dominick Brady

Bobby Ray Simmons, better known as B.o.B, has been making some VERY interesting tweets over the last few days where he conclusively claims that the earth is…wait for it…flat.

He brings all guns forward to make his case. Read on:

1. Okay, so here we go with a conspiracy theory,

2. We could all ignore one tweet, right?

3. Maybe it was just a mistake, or some sort of bad joke?

4. Oh no, he’s brought out the pictures…


6. Please?

7. Omg, he’s serious about this…

8. He has more pictures,

9. AND a story to go with them…

10. He’s getting a little upset about the doubters,

11. and all the haters…

12. He’s #done with us —

13. — but not #done with this topic…

14. Uh oh, even more pics…

15. And some fancy diagrams!

16. Oh, and here are some flight patterns…

17. He also retweeted this bit of ironclad evidence:

18. But wait, this isn’t the only conspiracy theory BOB has…

19. … More paranoia to come..

20. …and more pics

21. Plus some sick rhymes

22. Nope, we still aren’t done.

23. Still going strong.

24. The civil disobedience is intense…

25.  lol, bitter?

26. Now he’s mad…

Maybe someone should invite B.o.B. to watch a ship approach the shore. What is the first part of the boat you’ll see? The top, because the earth is ROUND. TC mark


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