25 ‘Mini-Resolutions’ You Should Make For Yourself This New Year

Flickr / Tobias Zils
Flickr / Tobias Zils

1. Start getting enough sleep. Sleep is for the dead, right?? HARDY HAR HAR!! Actually, by not getting enough sleep you are likely to be less productive and less happy. Most people need between 7 – 8 hours a night to operate at peak performance, and you deserve it!

2. Cut toxic people out of your life. Ya know that friend who constantly talks shit about you behind your back and all your conversations are basically, “omg BABE can you lend me some money” or “OMG so much drama in my life bb! let me try to find a way to suck you into dis shit!” Yeah, it’s time to just cut loose. You shouldn’t waste any of it on people who aren’t worth it.

3. Learn something new. Practice cooking, take a yoga class, do something that expands your horizons.

4. Take a spontaneous trip. Spend an afternoon on the other side of the state, or go on an impromptu hike. It will break you out of the same old blah and make you excited about life.

5. Tell someone “no.” Stop always overloading yourself and agreeing to do whatever anyone asks. It is awesome to be a selfless person, but cut yourself a break! It will feel awesome.

6. Make your bed daily. It will be one thing you accomplish everyday and make life seem more organized!

7. Resolve to take a social media holiday. Whether than means just for one day or longer, give yourself time to unplug and recharge.

8. Stop yourself from judging people too often or too quickly. It can be easy to think in your mind “he’ s ugly!” to the guy chatting up your bae or “what an idiot” to someone who cuts you off on the highway but really people are complicated and deserve a second thought.

9. Always try to assume the best in people. Yeah, you will be disappointed from time-to-time, but you’ll find yourself smiling more often.

10. Learn to love what you can’t change. Soooo I have natural love-handles on my sides. I hate them. They are awful. No amount of cardio can make those f*ckers go away. You know what? It’s okay, even if I don’t know it yet. You probably have something about yourself that you dislike too. It’s okay, try to change what you can, but come to peace with what you can’t.

11. Start a piece of “positive gossip.” Gently rebuke the negative rumors around your company break-room with a positive one! Talk up someone who did something cool, it will make their day and maybe create a more positive culture overall!

12. Don’t let social media upset you. Those Facebook proposal posts making you moody too? Let’s try to ignore them together.

13. Give someone a second chance if they deserve it.

14. Forgive yourself for that thing you’re still holding onto.

15. Pay for someone’s Starbucks order when you’re driving through. You might just make someone’s day.

16. Find reasons to say “yes” to the next big thing in your life.

17. Explore your spirituality. Maybe that means your religion, or maybe just your human connection with nature. Let yourself meditate on the condition of the world.

18. Listen. Give yourself the time and space to just hear the birds chirping or the people around you. Let yourself feel connected.

19. Do at least one big thing outside your comfort zone. Force yourself to talk to that person at the bar, or the mutual friend who you think is cute.

20. Save up for something, even if it is small-ish. If you’re anything like me, you struggle with saving money JUST A LITTLE BIT. So maybe set a goal of setting X dollars aside for something special. This will help you gain confidence in your ability to manage your finances!

21. Eat an extra scoop of ice cream without feeling bad. Let yourself enjoy good things without feeling guilty.

22. Listen to a new music group or genre. You could be missing out on a whole world of epic music by pigeonholing yourself!

23. Actually use your health insurance. Boring, right?? We are all young and free 20-somethings that NOTHING could ever go wrong, right? Nah, actually get your physical this year, go to the dentist, and the eye doctor.

24. Ditch FOMO. Seriously, either do stuff or don’t do it. Don’t feel guilty or worried about passing up shit you didn’t want to do.

25. Dream. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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