27 Real People Explain Why They Want Donald Trump To Be President

Flickr / Michael Vadon
Flickr / Michael Vadon

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1. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m from Minnesota and we voted Jesse Ventura as Governor to see what would happen. I’m obliged to vote for Trump.

2. Authentically terrible

He fucking admits being a corporate entity. The difference between Trump and most of the other Republicans is that he’s an elitist douchebag and he revels in it and tells you that.

He’s not sitting there telling you he’s just another Joe, just like you. He’s a fucking billionaire, he has his own god damn private jet, and he says you should vote for him cause he’s better than you and you both know it.

He’s taking refuge in audacity. He’s breaking the expected “role” that politicians play so blatantly and so extremely that some people are honestly just impressed.

3. Something new, even if lousy

I think the support he has is a symbol of how fed up Americans are with how unbalanced and dishonest the system has gotten. We want politicians who will actually represent the people, not corporate entities. Even if his honesty is ignorant it’s still a change in the direction of having leaders that aren’t completely cynical.

4. He hates illegal immigrants!

As a legal immigrant I despise illegal immigrants. At worst they should be put at the back of the “queue”. Hillary’s offer to legalize them all is pandering.

I got in because my wife is a citizen. After college I tried for a work visa but was denied. I had to go back to my home country and wait there for more than a year. This was after having study here for more than eight years. So being forced to stay away from the friends I’ve made in that period while other people could basically sneak in seemed very unfair to me. But I respected the process and paid my dues so to speak.

Ask for those with horror stories, I appreciate that but I have a problem with people who have land access to the US getting priority over other people who are just as if not more in need of assistance. Why do we have immigration at airports? Why not just let anyone who can afford a plane ticket get into the US?

Lastly, as a person who grew up in the western world, I respect the rule of law. Philosophically if you have a problem with people cutting in line in front of you at a coffee shop or while merging into traffic or at an amusement park, then you and I are in complete agreement on this topic. Also immigration is a privilege not a right. A huge part of the world wants to get into the US . And the US has historically welcomed these people with open arms. But to demand that you be let in like it is a fundamental right is not fair to the people who live here those who were born here and those who came here legally. The people who are here paid their dues, I don’t think it is unfair to ask the others do too.

5. We deserve each other?

The honest truth as to why I would support Trump at all is that he is the culmination of everything this country has become. America is a corporation, it’s crass and rude, it interjects and it is unapologetic. It is also prideful, boastful, capable of great things and capable of immensely destructive things. I just want our country to finally wear a mask worthy of the face behind it, because we are not the country we once were, we’re a mockery of democracy.

When you go into rehab, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I feel like Trump is that admission.

6. Lots of reasons

Frankly, he is possibly the most capable candidate I have seen.

Firstly, he is a strong figure. I’m only 26, but in my entire time voting, and learning about politicians, they have always come off as weak and pathetic. Their game is to make you like them. People rarely came to the table saying what they wanted to do, but they just said sound bites like “We need to save the middle class! Tax breaks for the middle class! Better schools!” When pressured on anything slightly controversial they could crumble and apologize. Trump stands by what he says against great opposition, and tends to be correct, forcing the media to apologize. This just makes every allegation afterwards seem less credible.

He is very savvy with economics, listen to him speak. He has a good understanding of the economy, the problems that exist within it, and how to utilize the upper class to re-invest in America or face higher taxes. The tax structure he offers up in 91′ seems relevant even today to help alleviate some of the complaints we have about 1%’ers and wall street.

He is loud, and crass, and isn’t intimidated by people telling him to speak a certain way. As a kid raised on the internet, I always took free speech for granted. I could say anything, and everything I wanted on the internet with no fear of repercussions. When I came to the internet I saw a completely open arena where you could talk about anything, have any opinion, and voice yours without fear. Worst case sceneario? you make a new screen name instead of DarkSephirothx1950. As I got older, and the internet got more mainstream, I got more excited that people would join the free thinking, free talking movement, but sadly it slid in the opposite direction. Social media is tied to everything, and if you say the wrong thing it can be met with firm opposition and potentially losing your job. Trump signifies that culture for me at least. We have the first amendment, but it doesn’t mean shit if we don’t have a culture of free speech, and we don’t.

7. The religious right is that terrible

I’d rather have a blowhard like Trump than a religious nutter like Carson or Cruz.

8. He’d be on a short leash

I agree on being more careful with immigration, less gun control (or I think in his view leaving it up to states.), and focusing on getting our debts paid off.

I also feel like he is less of a liability, should he actually be a bad president. It would be like electing a guy who HAS to be on his best behavior, or get impeached.

9. He’s only in his own pocket

I’m not necessarily pro-Trump, however, the allure of Trump is that nobody paid for him to get where he is (politically) except for himself. He appears to not be in anyones pocket, and he’s making basically every politician crap their pants.

10. He’s better and new

He is better at the media-celebrity game than any of the politicians he is running against, and its a hobby or sideshow for him, its their entire profession.

He has a record of business dealings, which gives him real world experience that outclasses the likes of a political celebrity like Hillary Clinton.

He is the only candidate that does not play to type, and our political system is already loaded with a surfeit of scripted type and role players.

To summarize, he is better than those he is running against at their own game, he has games they cant even play in, and he is the only candidate that can break out the mold.

11. He’ll either make us badass or start a nuclear war!

One thing that I like about Trump is his relentless determination to re-establish the US as the undisputed global power that no one even thinks of fucking with.

All his ranting and horseshit is irresponsible and a load of dick cheese, but the guy is a ruthless business man, and I just wonder if having a bigoted ass hat running the show is worth it if he’s effective, fixes the economy, etc… I guess I’m drinking the Koolaid of having a no-bullshit businessman at the head.

I mean fuck, he’s not going to give a fuck about Putin and won’t let anyone walk over him/us. I do think he will be effective for the economy as well as foreign policy.

Modified from Flickr / Gage Skidmore
Modified from Flickr / Gage Skidmore

12. He’s basically a BAMF

Trump isn’t a pussy. He will destroy ISIS. He will make tax code smaller and more simplified. Operate America like a business, therefore make it an economic powerhouse and create jobs. He will also prevent illegal immigrants from coming into America.

13. F*ck the rest of the world

Look, I know he’s nuts but I can’t have fucking Hillary/Bill again. She fucked Benghazi, she’s a liar and I’m done with regimes. If Putin, who’s also a nut bag, is good for Russia, then to me, Trump is the equivalent. Maybe we need a scary blowhard to threaten and bomb terrorists. He’ll just hire economists to run the country, he’s a shrewd businessman.

Plus, I really dig the openness, not giving a fuck is refreshing. He perfectly captures my middle class angst. I’m 45, female, with a family and am taxed to death. I don’t care about refugees. I care about affording Christmas, paying my bills, sending my kid to school and piano lessons. If these refugees are oppressed, let them fight back like our colonists did. I’m sick of coming to the worlds defense only to be called evil.

14. A dog metaphor might help us understand

Here’s my logic. Let’s say you have 2 dogs:

  • One dog you KNOW will bite you because it’s bitten you before, every time.
  • The other dog is new and crazy and different and will PROBABLY bite you, but you don’t know for sure. It barks a lot but from past experience, you’re pretty sure that bark is all show. It’s just posturing.
  • you have to choose one of the dogs to pet. if you don’t choose, one will be chosen for you.

So in this very transparent metaphor, one dog is Hillary, and the other is trump. Hillary is totally a biter, she supports all sorts of things I’m against: illegal immigration amnesty, gun control. Trump, on the other hand, has said some pretty outlandish things that could never come true (banning muslims, etc). That’s the barking in the metaphor.

So if it comes down to Trump v. Hillary, I’ll vote for Trump. I’d rather not have to though. but out of the other republican candidates, they all seem to be religious crazies and I really can’t stand that.

15. “Trump” political correctness

I believe that if he becomes president, he will help contribute to the decline of people being extremely sensitive and politically correct. While the president is not as powerful as he might seem, I believe that his approval/disapproval of certain issues is definitely able to sway public opinion. For example, Obama was able to influence many people’s opinions on refugees, gay marriage, ISIS through his speeches and social media.

I feel like if Trump becomes president, the trend of being overly sensitive and easily offended, especially among millennials, will begin to die down. And I hope it does. After listening to other people my age complain about every possible issue and use rhetoric, which completely overstates their problems (everyone’s an oppressor, fascist, racist, piece of shit, and pretty much the incarnation of the devil), I am genuinely scared that in 10-20 years these people will have significant influence over our country.

16. Hate the establishment

The only reason I support him as a candidate is that he is not an actual member the establishment.

If it goes Trump vs Hillary, I’ll probably sway Trump. He smirks constantly, I don’t think he actually believes 85% of the stuff that comes out of his own mouth – but he thinks that people’s reactions, both positive and negative, are funny. It’s like he’s a comedian, but we’re providing him punchlines. As a result, I’m more curious to see how he would handle special interests and all other elected officials as someone who’s not part of the establishment than I am to see someone like Hillary, who is part of the establishment, doing that.

…If it’s Trump vs. Sanders? Forget it. I don’t think Sanders is part of the establishment and I’m not going to miss my opportunity to vote for Sanders.

Remember, in regards to the “establishment,” there’s still a chance for this election to Clinton vs Bush… deja vu anyone?

17. He’s trolling and it is super amusing

Truly, I have never seen such a magnificent troll in all my years. I don’t think he is honest, I don’t think he is even necessarily a good hearted person. But what I do know, he pisses people off and I love him for it.

People call him racist, bigot, w/e and he gives zero fucks. I find it hilarious.

People that think anchor baby is a racist term are so far fucking removed from reality its hilarious. It’s an efficient way to describe what a lot of illegal immigrants do to circumvent our laws and stay in this country. Statistically speaking, there are more illegal mexican immigrants than any other nationality. But better paint him as a hispanic hating racist because corrupt media involved with politics.

That being said, what can he really do to this country that will make it worse? It’s currently a sinking ship. If it sinks sooner rather than later. Perhaps the change would be good.

18. Build the wall!

The wall is a great idea. He’ll raise taxes on foreign trade and use that money to build it.

He doesn’t hate mexicans as liberals say, he just hates illegal immigrants.

He wants to keep out muslims for the time being. Don’t like that idea? Do you lock your doors at night to keep the people inside the house safe or is it because you hate your neighbors? It’s because you want to keep the people inside safe.

To rebuild our economy, we need a businessman to lead our country to more success.

19. I’m tired of the damn lies!

I will vote for Trump for these two main reasons:

  1. I am sick of politicians lying to me, saying one thing and doing another, usually to the detriment of the American public.
  2. I’m tired of all the fake outrage and forced political correctness and everyone being so afraid that having an idea or voicing an opinion that is contrary to what a “sensitive” person might feel about it, that it stifles reasonable discourse. I like Trump’s disregard for this. He brings up important issues that need to be addressed (albeit in the most basest and arrogant fashion).

I agree with Trump on immigration as the main issue, and his willingness to pursue and really destroy the threat of ISIS and Militant Islam.

As for taxes and the economy, I would put my trust in a billionaire businessman before I put it in a politician.

20. Tons and tons and tons of reasons

Trump’s not my first choice but I like him because:

  • I always liked him
  • He’s entertaining
  • He’s successful
  • He’s unbeholden to special interests
  • His books are worth reading
  • He knows how to sell and how to negotiate. We need to rebrand America. He can do that
  • He makes the establishment nervous
  • He finished Wharton; he’s smart
  • He’s tough
  • He’s politically incorrect
  • Illegal immigration takes jobs from Americans, particularly inner city, and puts more Anericans on welfare. Plus identity theft, rape, sex trafficking, terrible unlicensed driving, lack of education, avoidance of minimum wage law, taking jobs from unions, organized violent drug gangs, etc. that’s what illegal immigration is, and it’s cheap labor for the rich and cheap votes for the Democrats.
  • Islam is a religion spread via violence & conquest by Muhammed who was a warlord, and its tactics haven’t changed much since its inception. So I don’t mind curtailing Islamic immigration, like Carter did with Iran.
  • There is no difference which matters to me between the GOP and Democrats. They are all concerned only with their own reelection. Trump is above that.
  • I hate professional politicians. They are the worst liars. Trump lies too, but I prefer his lies, and I prefer the truths he alone is willing to speak
  • The SNL skits will be epic
  • He will not bow to world leaders Obama style
  • He will not project a weak America unwilling to lead, Obama style
  • He couldn’t possibly add more than ten trillion dollars to the national debt the way Obama’s Presidency almost has (and will)
  • He understands business
  • He is not an ideologue
  • He is not a Clinton or Bush
  • He is not a Carson or Bernie
  • He’s not evangelical

21. Any change is good change at this point!

Trump represents change. Change from Obama and the Democratic machine. Change from the cookie-cutter Republican candidates. Change from the political cesspool that is Washington.

Plain and simple none of the recent candidates/presidents have been good, starting with Clinton and maybe even Bush, Sr. America is no longer on top and what topics he raises, regardless of how, are things we need to talk about. He won’t get elected but does provide a foil for other candidates.

Anyways. We can’t afford Hillary to be president, just because she’s a woman. That’s how stupid America has become. We vote on gender and race, not actual policy ideas or things that matter.

22. His bullshit will make politicians better

I am voting for him because I am just sick and tired of the same lying politicians revolving through the whitehouse. Do I actually agree with everything Trump is saying? Of course not, but at least he is being honest about it and that’s the change I really want to see. These other politicians smile and say things like the public is so below them and so stupid that we can’t figure out that they are full of it. It’s insulting.

I think having Trump in office will really shake things up in a good way and if anything, it will make politicians really push for things instead of chasing money. The real problem is none of the politicians truly care about the public. If they really were an elected official that is suppose to represent the collective community, they would listen to the people as a whole and do what is right by them. Instead, you can have ~90% of the population shouting they want “X,Y,Z” and the politician does the opposite because of some corporation. At least money won’t (shouldn’t) influence Trump as he already has billions.

He also doesn’t shy away or deny that money is deeply embedded in politics. He even said himself that he gave lots of money to politicians in the past for favors.

Also, I’m just tired of the whole PC thing. There seems to be an epidemic of pussies in this country and worse, people seem to be proud of being a pussy. Just look at all the comments in reddit for example. It’s just embarrassing.

23. His ego will require him to be good

I think the mans Ego is gigantic and his goal will be to make America great again if only so he can go down in history as a great president.

He will care less about politics and more about making the people love him. He will piss on the left and the right in hopes of getting things done for the middle.

He will not do any of this for anything other than ego but he is not beholden to anyone but his own ego.

He will get into office and surround himself with bright minds that tell him what is up…. he will learn why he cannot make statements the way he does….

Every other Candidate is in it for power, power can be corrupted… Trump has power, I think this is all for his Ego, and I am all for a President who cares more about being remembered as a great president than he does bowing to corporations.

Plus Despite his latest rhetoric on muslims (which I have no argument against the actual plan of denying new visas to the top 30 countries who hate us) he is more in the middle than anyone else…

The middle is where most the country is.

24. Trump is the shiniest turd

Agree with him? Hell no I think the man is a looney.

…but who do we have: Carson is a psycho, Rubio and Cruz oppose net neutrality, Hilary I wouldn’t trust to run a daycare’s email account let alone the country, Bernie who…I don’t even know where to start on him with guns, taxes, and general nanny state knows best.

Out of all the turds in our political pile Turmp is the shiniest, and offers the best deal. At best, him being elected gets us to burn down the government and start over, and at worst I will find it amusing to watch people lose their minds over it. Truthfully.

25. We agree politically!

1) I think current levels of immigration, both legal and illegal, are unsustainable. Labor force participation rates are at record lows for native citizens. The tech industry is seeing serious wage stagnation and even deflation as foreigners with H1-B visas come in. They say we lack enough STEM degrees, but this isn’t true. Big tech wants cheap labor. I also think cultural clashes only grow as we don’t provide immigrants time to assimilate. In the past, we’d let in a bunch of immigrants, then follow it up with a moratorium to allow for assimilation. Trump supports this.

2) Trump’s rhetoric, while crass, is a refreshing break from the walking-on-eggshells type of PC rhetoric we normally get across the aisle. I think a Trump presidency would break about a cultural change in which people are less afraid to speak their minds, leading to a more open (if insensitive) society.

3) Most GOP candidates are very pro-free trade. I’m skeptical of a lot of the trade deals we’ve made, and think the costs to our manufacturing sector outweigh the consumer benefits that come from trade, especially considering the negative externalities of what happens to cities like Detroit. Trump is practically the only Republican candidate who is more protectionist.

So, there you go. I like Trump because of his positions on trade and immigration, and appreciate his cultural impact.

26. He talks like our friends

I am not a racist or uneducated or evil or any other things far left people like to say about his supporters. I love my country, our culture, our rights and protections and there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe in social programs for people who need it, and so does trump (supports healthcare etc). I believe strongly in our rights under the constitution all of them esp the bill of rights, and so does Trump.

I have been impressed with his predictions being right even just in the past couple months. His delivery comes across at first as crass. I think because we are used to being completely bullshitted and treated like kindergardeners for so long by leaders. We as a nation in terms of foreign policy and diplomacy and policy at home have become weak; not physically or structurally but mentally.

The US has interests in prospering and protecting ourselves from dangerous enemies and it seems as though over the past few years we’ve been force fed that it is wrong to acknowledge that it is okay to act in our own best interests. We are not an evil country we are a generous and altruistic people and we strive to do the right thing.

We are now sick of beating around the bush talk from politicians. I want to be told the situation straight up not cloaked in half truths and pc talk to make us all feel good but accomplish nothing. People love Trump for this reason, he sounds like you and I speak when among friends.

Whether you can admit it to yourself or not some part of you realizes we are at a crossroads as a country and we had better make sure not to have a weak or manipulative president saying “the right things” just to be elected and spread more of this failed policy.

27. Afraid of immigrants

Because as a gay man, large influx of Muslim immigrants terrify me and he seems to be the only candidate that doesn’t get easily brainwashed by sentimentality or political correctness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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