17 People Reveal Their Creepy Real Life Experiences With Murderers

17 People Reveal Their Creepy Real Life Experiences With Murderers

Imagine almost crossing paths with death.

Our discussions while walking always seemed to revolve around issues of morality. They were pretty deep and often challenging. I would catch myself debating these issues to myself quite often. After a while Dave admitted something to me: he was a Jehovahs Witness. This added a new dimension to our talks. I pulled no punches. I have always been agnostic and have no respect for organized religion. Dave was unfazed. In fact he would constantly try to convince me to come to church with him.

I would kindly refuse.

But not for long.

My foreman took me into his office one day and sat me down. I thought I was getting fired. Instead he blew my mind. He informed me that I need to be very careful around Dave. Everyone on the crew was worried for me. I laughed a bit and told him not to worry. Me and Dave were buddies. What I didn’t know was that Dave was on probation. He had just finished a 15 year bid for murder. But that wasn’t all. That was the FIFTH time he been brought to trial for 5 separate murders. It was only on the fifth trial that they got a conviction. Turns out Dave was running the Triad in Vancouver in the eighties. He was considered one of the baddest fuckers in town.

I researched him. I was appalled…but fascinated.

We continued our walks. He could read me like a book. He knew that I knew. His demeanour became a little more forceful. He insisted I go to church with him. I wish I could say I didn’t…but I did. It was terrible. They were so fucking crazy. He knew how uncomfortable I was. He would tell I would ‘get used to it’.

Nope. I phoned my boss after leaving the Kingdom Hall for the last time. I quit my job then and there. Dave started calling and leaving long messages saying he was worried about me. I changed my number and with in a month I had moved out of town. It cost me a lot of money to just drop everything and relocate. To this day I consider it money well spent.

13. Man caught with dead body in his trunk

Creepy dude lived near us, he was staying with his mom, I believe, just showed up with a Ryder truck and it stayed in the driveway for several weeks, at least. I mowed the lawn for the family next door, I always caught him peeking through the blinds, spying on me while I mowed. I was about 12 or so, just figured it was some weird dude in our quiet little neighborhood, whatever.

Everybody around talked about that damn Ryder truck sitting there looking out of place. Some had noticed an electrical cord running from the garage out to the truck.

One day every cop within 20 miles seemingly showed up there, news trucks, etc. Turns out creepy dude had a freezer in that truck, and in the freezer was a hacked up dead girl he had abducted from an L.A. freeway in the middle of a night, she had been missing for quite a while.

Some friends of ours had dealings with him, he was supposedly a house painter, they tried to get him to do work, he gave them a fair quoted price, but then never showed up, when he did show up he did a shit job and quit a quarter of the way through, etc. He was alone in the house with the woman on several occassions.

Needless to say she was very thankful not to have been murdered!


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