17 People Reveal Their Creepy Real Life Experiences With Murderers

17 People Reveal Their Creepy Real Life Experiences With Murderers

Imagine almost crossing paths with death.

17. These old classmates were always bad news

Two guys I went to middle school/high school with were found guilty of murdering some guy. His body was found inside of a burning car.

One of them, I had known since middle school. Wannabe thug or whatever. On more than one occasion, him and his friends wanted to fight/jump me, but nothing ever came of it. I remember one Halloween, like 7 guys came up to my friends and I, him included, and a few of them wanted to jump me, but I was friends with one of them, so it didn’t happen. Despite all this, when he was alone, he would try to act friendly and shit. Never liked him.

The other one, I didn’t know much, but he sat behind me in my English class or whatever class it was in my senior year of high school. Don’t think I ever talked to him.

I guess them and the guy they killed were part of a marijuana smuggling operation. No idea why they killed the guy, but I guess it took a few months to link them to the murder. They were both found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and, I think, got sentenced to 25 years in prison.

As far as when I found it, it wasn’t all that surprising. Again, I didn’t know much of the second guy, but reading up on some of the other things he’s been arrested/charged for, it’s not surprising. Knowing how the first guy was in middle/high school, I’d imagine he was just following what the second guy was doing and didn’t come up with the decision to kill the guy himself.

Don’t know, though.


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