17 People Reveal Their Creepy Real Life Experiences With Murderers

17 People Reveal Their Creepy Real Life Experiences With Murderers

Imagine almost crossing paths with death.

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1. Classmates with the Aurora Shooter

I knew James Holmes in college. He was one year ahead of me, but same major. I remember taking classes with him, he also did a bit of research in the vivaria and so did I but in separate labs. So our paths crossed often.

I remember him being super paranoid. I remember filling out health questionnaires/medical clearance forms for a final that required in vivo work and access to the vivarium. He threw fit in our lab, telling our TA he wasn’t going to fill it out. He finally did, but put a disclaimer on the bottom of it. It was bizarre. I think that was around 08/09, I think he was already unraveling then.

I remember when I found out about Aurora I was working when my old college roommate text me asking if I heard about the shooting in Colorado followed shortly by her texting me who did it. My roommate remembered him clearly from a GE class we both took with him. I remember feeling scared for some reason when I put the name to a face. My teeth started chattering wildly. I was shocked.

It still freaks me out to this day remembering working in labs, and having class discussions with that guy. We were definitely not friends but, I probably saw him nearly every day for at least a couple years. I can still see him working across from me under a fume hood in my minds eye anytime his name is brought up.

2. What was a date with Ted Bundy like?

Ted Bundy dated my aunt. I grew up in Kirkland, Washington – which is right outside of Seattle. My aunt lived in Ballard at the time. They dated for a few months and it just sort of fell apart. She said that he was one of the most polite, nicest people that she had ever met. Freaky as fuck.

3. Cutting a killer out of your social group

One of our close family friends murdered his wife around 22 years ago. My Dad became good friends with him as they went to the same marina and often ended up chatting about their boats. They soon became really good friends. He’d always come by the house for drinks or some snooker with my Dad, and we’d go for dinner at his place and sometimes he would come for dinner too. He became a really good friend to my Dad and the rest of us.

Anyway, one day another one of my Dad’s friends saw my Dad with him. Apparently, this guy grew up in the same neighborhood as him and warned my Dad that this guy murdered his wife some 20 odd years ago. My Dad asked him about it and he told him that it was true. He killed her in a jealous rage when he thought she was cheating with her brother-in-law. My Dad kind of distanced himself from him then and stopped letting him come to the house. He was supposed to refurbish the bathroom, but I guess my Dad called it off. I actually asked my Dad about him a couple months ago and he said he still has occasional chat with him at the marina but he didn’t feel at ease around him. Didn’t really effect me, but there you have it.


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