24 Things Only People Who Are Completely Addicted To Social Media Understand

Flickr / Garry Knight
Flickr / Garry Knight

1. Feeling completely lost and confused when your phone battery dies or your Twitter app doesn’t load for some dark dark reason.

2. Having Twitter open on your phone and laptop at the same time.

3. Having Twitter open in two (or more..) different browser tabs.

4. The harrowing experience of your phone notifying you that you have a new Snapchat, but the Snapchat app won’t load. We. Need. To. Know.

5. Accidentally incorporating social media into real life, like saying “retweet” to something someone says, or actually saying the word “hashtag” out loud.

6. Feeling personally offended when someone “unfriends” or “unfollows” you. It’s like a stab to the gut of your soul.

7. When something cool happens to you, one of the first things you do is think about how you will announce it the world via social media.

8. And there is nothing quite like the cold, dark, feeling in the pit of your stomach when you post something really clever and funny but it gets absolutely no likes or favs.

9. Or when someone else posts a shit status that isn’t even funny, but it gets a ton of “likes” or “favorites” because fate is cruel.

10. Flirting with your crush almost always involves some sort of social media interaction. What excuse can you come up with to slide into those DMs? How many pictures is it socially acceptable to like on Instagram? Oops, already hearted 14 #reckless

11. When you think about getting married, you can’t help but consider what it will be like to change your Facebook “relationship status” to “married.” How weird will that be??

12. If you ever want to get studying or work done you have to download an ironclad social media blocker like “Self Control,” cuz you have no real self control.

13. Your Twitter feed is your news channel.

14. Some of your most memorable conversations with friends have been in Facebook chat, and you’re not ashamed of it (or maybe you are, but it’s not changing anytime soon).

15. You tried to give up social media for lent once. It lasted maybe two days.

16. There is no greater injustice than someone you know to be a total douche having more followers than you.

17. You get confused when friends post photos to Instagram without a filter.

18. While, on the other hand, there have been times where you spent actual minutes debating on what insta filter to use for a plate of food or picture of a lamppost.

19. You feel like “😒” when someone sends you a Snapchat that they also post on their story. Srsly? Feeling v. unspecial rn.

20. Sometimes you follow just for the follow-back, though you might not admit it.

21. You have spent more than four hours straight on Tumblr. You feel like you should regret it, but prolly don’t.

22. When you think of something really clever / sassy / cool for social media, you have to debate about which site is best to post it on. Is this better for Facebook or Twitter? Maybe Tumblr? Maybe it’d be a good snap story…

23. You’ve had actual dreams about doing something on social media.

24. You have had at least one date that stemmed from a Twitter DM. You’ve dated people that you first saw on Facebook. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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