Watch These Men Get Defensive When They See Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled

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It can be hard for men, like myself, to understand what it is like getting catcalled. Sometimes guys call fall into the trap of being like, “isn’t it a compliment to be catcalled??” And for most of the girls I know, the answer is a resounding NO. Why? Because it is creepy, unwanted, and harassing.

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These boyfriends got the opportunity to see what their significant others have to deal with every time they take a walk down the streets.

The boyfriends get indignant and outraged when they see what the people they care about have to go through. And it all completely “clicks” why this behavior is totally uncalled for and NOT complimentary for almost all people.

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Watch the full video produced by COSMOPOLITAN below:

Hopefully awareness like this helps us all treat each other with more respect! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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