I’m Ready To Tell The Truth About My Interviews With Graham Welsh, The Man Found Innocent After 20 Years On Death Row

My phone ringing woke me up just after sunrise. I figured Graham woke up and wanted to harass me before I got my day started.

I was shocked when the person on the other line ended up being a police officer. I knew I was in deep shit as soon as I heard his harsh tone.

The officer informed me that Graham was found dead of alcohol poisoning in his office. They were able to track me down via cell phone records as the last person who called him. I admitted I was there in the office with him that night. I was summoned down to the station seconds after I said that.

I told the 100 percent truth of everything that happened, but I’m not sure they bought it. I wondered if Graham somehow did what he did on purpose to frame me or something once he picked up that I was out to get him. He was a skunk like that.

Graham’s death ended up burying his near admissions of guilt. Law enforcement quickly took all of my tapes as “evidence” and assured I would probably never get them back. They also made it very clear my podcast idea about Graham was a horrible idea. I was told that I couldn’t actually be charged with anything, but talking about my interactions with Graham publicly could change that.

However, they never said anything about putting my story in writing… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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