If You Ever Hear Your Child Talk About ‘The Bloody Monsters’ Be Very, Very Afraid

I woke up because I felt the blanket pull off of my head as if someone had tugged it back towards my feet. Having to pee, I got up out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Trying to keep myself from fully waking up, I didn’t turn on the light in the bathroom, just starting pissing in the near dark. Things were going smoothly until I noticed a shadow and heard the faint sound of something swaying behind the shower curtain.

I clenched my teeth hard and whipped open the shower curtain. Dangling from the shower head was the gray, naked corpse of my grandma.

I screamed and ran back to my bed before I was even finished going to the bathroom. I laid frozen until the sun came up.

I started calling the number my grandma gave me in the hospital first thing in the morning, but am starting to get very worried because she hasn’t answered any of my calls. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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