If You Ever Hear Your Child Talk About ‘The Bloody Monsters’ Be Very, Very Afraid

“It’s a lot more simple than you might think. When you two were young, I started to notice you had some of the psychic traits I have. They say things like this skip generations and it’s true. You are more like your grandparents than your parents in many ways.

“The two of you could see things that hadn’t happened yet, or see people in places before they were there or in states, ages, they had not appeared yet. Understandably, this scared you. Your parents wanted to put you in therapy, to block it all out, but I knew the only true way you could get through it all was to fully understand it and embrace it. Otherwise, you would just be putting a band-aide on a wound which needed stitches and medicine. I tried to tell your parents that, but they wouldn’t have any of it. They just put you straight in therapy to block it all out, and it worked, for a long time, but not forever.

“I instead tried to work with your babysitter, who was a client and it started to work, but your parents somehow found out. Then they cut me off. I had to wait until they died to reach back out to you about it and it is good timing, because I can tell your powers have come back and they only come back in this way, when something very big is about to happen. Something the power wants to tell you about. That’s why I put those tapes in the mailboxes.”

“Great, well now what?” I asked.

My grandma’s face lit up.

“You need to come back. I can explain to you that what you might think are monsters are not really monsters at all, they are probably just people you know flashing before you at different stages, moments, of their lives that you will see. You need to be prepared for the night visions experienced on those tapes as well, because they are coming back. They are terrifying, but they can help, but only if you are ready and trained.”

“Okay, great,” I said sarcastically. “I know my vision. It’s of me, getting on my flight back to Houston tomorrow with a good night’s sleep.”

I got up and Mandy followed me out the door.

Grandma stumbled after us with tears in her eyes.

“Please, you have to come back. I feel something very big coming very soon,” my grandma pleaded from her open doorway.

Mandy and I ignored grandma. We walked out to my truck, got inside and drove away leaving her crying in her doorway.

We pulled away with a tension sweating out of our pores and into the cramped cab of the single bench truck. Mandy wasn’t talking, but I sensed she may have thought I made the wrong decision in leading us out of grandma’s office.

I reached over and turned on the radio to try and cut through the animosity in the air.

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