Since I’ve Safely Fled The Country, I Guess It’s Time To Tell You What Really Happened To Becca

Nicolas Henderson

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It was a crime of convenience. Actually, it wasn’t even a crime because I didn’t pull the trigger. Becca pulled the trigger on herself.

I just did the rest.

That isn’t to say I didn’t arrange the music and direct the orchestra as it all unfolded.

Becca was one of those girls who seemed to have it all on the surface. Seemed to be the opposite of me in just about every way. She scored straight A’s in college, while still seeming to have time for any social function, while I had to lock myself in my dorm room for week at a time to study just to make a 3.0. Her family paid for her schooling while I had to work nights and weekends at a tanning salon to pay for mine. Guys always seemed to just fall into her lap. As soon as she broke it off with one boyfriend, there seemed to be another one waiting. Good guys too, not the parade of toads that seemed to follow me around campus when I actually had time to hang out.

But it was all a front. I knew it. It only took a few drinks for Becca to start opening up about her lifelong depression and the issues with her parents and the unbearable pressure she always felt about having to be successful. She was truly a fragile flower just like me and I loved her for it.

At first.

I would eventually discover that sweet, troubled girl act was a facade as well. She was more calculated and conniving than she let on.

Daniel was my break. Becca didn’t need him. She already had three good boyfriends in college in the first three years and a high school sweetheart she was still good friends with and saw on breaks. She didn’t need Daniel. But that didn’t stop her from swooping in once Daniel and I started dating.

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