The Most Sinister Crime You’ve Never Heard Of: The Gatsby Killings Of 1947

I looked into the mirror in front of me and smiled.

I put the comb to my head and started to fix my hair.


There weren’t a lot of questions for me from family or the authorities. I told them I had too much to drink at dinner and both of us fell asleep a little early.

I told them I woke up around 1 AM because I was sobering up and thought it would be easier to go sleep at home, so I headed home without talking to my grandma. I didn’t get the news until I received my mom’s message just before noon.

I thought about telling them about the incident with the chair and the secret parlor, but held back, especially because of a key piece of information the coroner shared with my parents, which they shared with me.

The coroner assured my parents that my grandma passed away not long after she went to bed, just after 9 PM.

Did I tell my parents that I saw my grandma walking around, hours later, after 1 AM? I thought about it for a bit, but decided against it.

Sometimes it’s best to let secrets lie if they work in your favor. TC mark


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