I Thought There Was Something Off About The Stranger From My Car Accident, And Now I Finally Know Why

The wheel groaned when I pulled out onto the road, but it worked through it and I was quickly back on the road, jetting my way home, watching the taillights of the man’s truck burn off into the night until they were out of sight.

It has been months now and the eeriness of the night still tickle the back of my brain even though nothing happened. I just couldn’t shake it for some reason. It felt like the memory of a bad dream which kept popping into my brain each night before I went to sleep.

Especially considering what happened last week when I was getting an oil change.

The mechanic came over to me in the middle of the operation and presented me with a small black box which almost looked like an old bulky cell phone from the mid-2000s.

“I found this underneath the front of your car. Thought you should know,” the mechanic set in. “It looks like this thing my psycho ex-girlfriend put on my car a while back. I think it’s a tracking device.” TC mark

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