I Thought There Was Something Off About The Stranger From My Car Accident, And Now I Finally Know Why

I looked ahead and saw the taillights of the man’s truck stop on the road ahead of me.

I smashed my hands hard onto the steering wheel and felt them vibrate in pain for a good 10 seconds. I watched the man step out of his truck and walk back towards my car in the rain. I bit down hard on my lip.

The metallic taste of fresh blood started to seep into my mouth when the man walked back up to my window and looked in with concern. He waved and I noticed a wedding band. Hopefully I was being overly fearful of this guy.

I rolled down the window and let the night air in. The man kept a safe distance, his face a few inches outside of my window space.

“That didn’t sound good,” the man said a little more soberly than I expected.

“Yeeeeah,” I grumbled.

“I don’t think it is too bad though. I think I might be able to help you,” the man explained sheepishly. “I think it is just a quick fix and I have some tools in my truck.”


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