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Jameson squinted at me in the dark.

“You aren’t high, are you?”

“No, of course not.”

She shook her head.

“You should be. It makes it so much better. Next time.”

Jameson led me through the rest of the little walkway until we were at the back of the house, walking softly around the edge of a pool.

“Why are we here?” I asked.

“I think David is cheating on me with Sarah.”

My rage began to simmer. David had Jameson and he was double dipping with someone else?

Jameson led me up to a pair of open French doors at the back of the house. I watched her slip out of the dark and into the house. I bit hard down on my lip and followed.

We were in an empty teenage girl’s room. All the lights on, TV on some E! Reality show, the scent of perfume in the air, but we were alone.

“But isn’t David back at The Creek?” I whispered.

“First thing, we don’t have to whisper. They can’t hear us,” Jameson explained. “Second, I think he has just been texting with her all night. Maybe that’s where she is right now? Meeting up with him.”

I heard the sounds of voices approach from outside, the rustling of bushes.

“I think she’s coming back,” I still whispered.

Sarah’s head of blonde-streaked brown hair came through the door right when I finished. I fought my urge to run away, Jameson and I stood strong in the middle of the room. Sarah looked right in our direction and didn’t bat an eye.

Sarah’s mascara ran down her cheeks, almost making her look like a morbid clown. Her body shook with tight sobs before she turned around to shut the door behind herself, but it wouldn’t close, a male figure held it open.

I immediately recognized the guy when he fought his way in. Jeremy Eiler. About five years older than us, he was a guy who was fairly popular with high school girls even though he graduated years ago. You would frequently see his black Honda Civic parked out in front of the school when the final bell rang, waiting to pick up whatever new teenage girl he was hanging out with at the time. It was pretty creepy and people always said they were going to report him, but I don’t think anyone ever actually did.

Tears were present on Jeremy’s cheeks as well when he made his way in.

“It was fucking him. You’re fucking him?” Jeremy screamed right in Sarah’s shivering face.

I looked over to Jameson. All the excitement and color was gone from her face.

“What do we do?” I asked Jameson.

“I don’t know,” Jameson’s tone was suddenly hushed. “My time is up in like one minute. I’m going to be gone.”

I didn’t even think about either of our times. I thought about mine, did the math, I probably had around five minutes left at most.

Jeremy now had Sarah by the shoulders and held her up to his face.

“Are you really going to fucking do this to me?” he whispered right into her face. “That little fucker with the glasses?”

Jeremy planted a forceful kiss right onto Sarah’s quivering lips. I turned to Jameson, but she was gone. Shit. What should I do? What could I do? We couldn’t affect anything in the living world. I only had a few minutes left.

I watched. I watched Sarah try to wrestle away from Jeremy. I watched her fail. I watched him try to beg for her to say sorry for what she did. I watched her kick him hard in the crotch. I watched him react by throwing her away from him as hard as he could. I watched Sarah’s head fly into the steel knob corner of her bed frame. I watched Jeremy look at her for a few moments as she lied unconscious, bleeding profusely from the head. I watched him run away. I watched the blood continue to pour from Sarah’s head until everything in my vision went completely black.

I woke up in my bed. The clock read right around midnight. Everything technical wise went according to plan. Everything else was a disaster. I began to wonder if what happened actually happened or if it was just a dream. Seriously, I was able to connect with Jameson and see Sarah Burton get murdered by Jeremy Eiler?


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