Most People Think My Cousin Committed Suicide, Only I Know The Grisly Truth

Honcho14: You told me you loved me.

YoungFollower19: Only cuz you made me.

Honcho14: Fuck you.

October 1, 1998 – Private Chat

Honcho14: You’re a liar.

YoungFollower19: Leave me alone.

Honcho14: I’m going to tell everyone.

YoungFollower19: Tell everyone what? You’re into little boys?

Honcho14: No, that you’re into boys. I have all the evidence. You’ll be in so much trouble.

YoungFollower19: I have more on you than you do me.

Honcho14: Ha. Go for it. See if anyone believes you, but you better be careful. A lot of dangerous people out there.

YoungFollower19: What does that mean?

Honcho14: You know…

Ronnie met me by the river this time. I refused to go to The Locker Room again.

We stood there staring at the muddy river, Ronnie smoking a cigarette for a few minutes before we had the courage to speak.

“Who’s Honcho fourteen?” I got it started.

“Somebody at the church, not sure who” Ronnie said before he chucked his smoke into the river.

“Any idea?”

“No idea. I think I know what happened though.”


“I think either this Larry guy or whoever Honcho is murdered Chase, some people figured it out, but they covered it up, staged a suicide because they didn’t want people to know Chase was gay and they didn’t want anyone to suspect Crave.”

“How could we prove that?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you what. There’s a computer in the church in town anyone who worked there used which is still there in the office. If you can get the information off of that computer. I’m pretty sure you prove it. I’m sure there’s something on there. They were always on that thing.”

“Can we get on there?”

“I think if we try to get in there late enough we can break in. They got shit for security and locks, not a huge surprise.”

“Will you go with me?”


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