Most People Think My Cousin Committed Suicide, Only I Know The Grisly Truth

ChaseMANhattan: You do, but it’s different. Don’t worry about it though.

Ronniebobonnie: I won’t until I will.
That was the last of any conversations involving what I was sure was Chase on the first jump drive.
Jump drive number two dove into valuable conversations rather quickly.

June 17, 1998 – Midwest Romance Chat Room – Private Chat

LareBear: Hey Chase.

ChaseMANhattan: Hey. How’s it going up there?

LareBear: It’s good. Thinking about you a lot lately.

ChaseMANhattan: Really? WHY?

LareBear: I don’t know. You just seem cool.

ChaseMANhattan: Well I’m not going to argue with that.

LareBear: I know. It’s weird. Any chance you can get me that picture you told me about?

ChaseMANhattan: Can’t. The only scanner I have is here at the church and there’s no way I’m using that.

LareBear: Darn.

ChaseMANhattan: I know. I’ve tried to tell my mom to get a computer and Internet, but she doesn’t even know what the Internet is. She’s scared of Y2K though. Thinks it’s going to be like The Terminator.

LareBear: That’s crazy. You are so cool though.

ChaseMANhattan: Thanks.

LareBear: Why don’t you like your church?

ChaseMANhattan: Lotta reasons. Don’t really want to talk about it.

LareBear: Want to talk about meeting up?

ChaseMANhattan: Yeah, but some other time. I’m not ready yet.
The rest of the conversations with Chase on the second jump drive were back and forths with LareBear which didn’t really contain too much information other than more occasional mentions of Larry and Chase meeting up where Chase never bit.

The third jump drive was a complete failure. Sank my heart. I wondered if I was going to have to go back to Denver in a week with just a few random conversations between Chase and some anonymous guy about mostly harmless stuff.

The last drive would not let me down.

October 3, 1998 – Private Chat

Ronniebobonnie:You think he is actually coming this time? Didn’t he not show up last time?

ChaseMANhattan: He’s coming. I’ve been talking to him on the phone a lot now. He calls me when my mom isn’t home. If she is home then he pretends to be a telemarketer.

Ronniebobonnie:Where are you meeting?

ChaseMANhattan: That motel at the edge of town. I’m riding my bike over there tomorrow after school.

Ronniebobonnie:That’s crazy. Good luck.

ChaseMANhattan: Thanks.
This was the only chat log on the last drive which featured Chase, but it gave me a huge revelation. Chase committed suicide on October 4, 1998. So the day he supposedly killed himself was the same exact day he was supposed to meet up with Larry.

But was this enough? Was it enough to admit to the police I stole the info off of church computers from a church at least some people in the department probably attended each Sunday?


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