I Decided To Throw A Party While My Parents Were Gone, But The Horrific Things That Happened Made Me Wish They Never Left


“Oh, hi, dad, it’s Casey.”

“Casey? It’s like five in the morning?”

“Uh, yeah. I’m shocked you are answering your phone.”

“Yeah, there was a bunch of drama at work the past couple of days so I have actually had my phone on the past day or so even though it costs a fortune. Seriously can’t even get away anymore. I already got a call about a job in Alaska because it’s still like midnight there. But what’s up?”

“Uh, this is going to sound really weird, but some guy keeps coming and walking around the driveway in the middle of the night, every night.”

“God damn’t,” my dad sounded thoroughly annoyed.


“Percy is back,” I heard my dad saw with his mouth away from the phone followed by a deep groan from my mom in the background.

“Who’s Percy?”



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